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Quality Center Migration Guide

Don’t let the pain of migration hold you back

Countless QA teams continue using subpar testing tools because they can’t stand the thought of migrating thousands of test artifacts or training testers on an entirely new platform. Many would prefer the status quo of using their current toolset because they believe that a migration will be painful, or that it will slow them down. But there’s a problem with that logic: The longer they wait, the more obsolete their current toolset becomes, and the further removed QA becomes from the rest of the software development lifecycle — which often means that testing lags behind, remaining a roadblock on the agile transformation journey.

It’s time to offer your QA and development teams a modern testing platform that seamlessly integrates testing into the modern toolstack that your development and delivery teams are already using. Don’t let the pain of migration be the thing that holds you back.

This white paper will cover:

  • The true cost of using inadequate legacy tools, and why migrating now is better than waiting
  • 6 steps to make migration as painless as possible for your QA and development teams
  • How the entire SDLC benefits from a flexible toolset that integrates quality into agile processes