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How to use risk prioritization to streamline software testing

Many organizations think that a risk-based testing approach to testing sounds great in theory but doubt that they can really achieve it—especially given the limited downtime available with today’s unrelenting, fast-paced development iterations. Understanding and targeting the top business risks is actually a relatively simple and painless process. In fact, we’ve found that the less time you spend on it, the better the results.

In this paper, Tricentis Founder Wolfgang Platz explains how you can systematically identify your top risks in a matter of hours. This is a foundational step for 1) determining where to focus your testing efforts and 2) monitoring how well your business risks are tested—and whether they are actually working as expected.

It covers:

  • A comparison of different risk assessment approaches
  • A proven 5-step process for assessing your application’s risks
  • How to translate a completed risk assessment into an effective test suite

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