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Building resilient cloud load tests for SAP Fiori

On-demand webinar

SAP promises that Fiori is the ultimate way to deliver an exceptional user experience on multiple devices. However, you can’t talk about the user experience today without addressing performance issues. 

Are your Fiori applications meeting performance expectations in terms of response time, concurrency, availability, and scalability? Do the enhancements in each update you roll out actually undermine the user experience that the update is supposed to improve? 

Watch this webinar to learn how you can start load testing Fiori as painlessly as possible.

You’ll learn how:

  • Fiori’s customization and dynamic nature complicate load testing (as well as functional testing)
  • A new browser-based load testing approach lets you reuse your existing functional tests for load testing
  • To start and scale tests without waiting on constrained performance testing resources and expensive performance testing labs

Kevin Dunne, SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Tricentis

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