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Scaling test automation in a remote work environment: Best practices for distributed execution and API testing

In this double-bill webinar, we revisit two sessions from Accelerate Vienna 2019 that share best practices for overcoming testing scale challenges with distributed execution and API testing. These techniques can help you scale test automation quickly, even if your team is 100% remote.

Part 1: Remote testing best practices

Distributed execution boosts the performance of large test sets by distributing your tests across all available computing resources. However, testing at scale can be a challenge if you teams don’t have a proper strategy for success. Join David as he walks through some best practices on how to scale distributed testing through Tricentis’ latest DEX (Distributed Execution) solution.

David Wagner

Presented by David Wagner
Product Owner, Tricentis

Part 2: Contract testing best practices

Microservices solve problems like scalability and allow faster innovation. The downside however, is the amount of services needed to deploy and the integration efforts involved to connect these services. Learn about contract testing, an API testing approach which can help significantly reduce the amount of deployments by catching defects before pushing services into test environments.

Robert Wagner

Presented by Robert Wagner
Senior Director of Product Management, Tricentis

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