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A Seamless Device Testing Experience with Tricentis and HeadSpin

Ensuring quality digital experiences and high user satisfaction — at speed and at reduced development and deployment costs — can be a challenge. To address this, HeadSpin and Tricentis have joined forces to minimize the gap between test and engineering teams with a unique device cloud, end-to-end testing, and data-driven experience analysis solution.

In this session, Asaf Saar, Senior Director of Product Management at Tricentis and Brien Colwell, CTO at HeadSpin will demonstrate how you can leverage Tricentis Tosca’s AI-based, no code automation platform and HeadSpin’s data-driven testing platform and real global device cloud to drive great collaboration and efficiency in your team’s development process and deliver high quality digital experiences.

Brien Colwell
CTO, Co-Founder, HeadSpin

Asaf Saar
Senior Director of Product Management, Tricentis

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