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Simplify Citrix performance testing with Tricentis NeoLoad

Learn how Tricentis NeoLoad makes Citrix performance testing easier and faster than any option on the market, enabling you to guarantee fast end user access to virtual apps and desktops at scale.

In this webinar, our product experts demonstrate how NeoLoad can help you ensure new versions of Citrix meet virtual app or desktop performance benchmarks by pinpointing performance problems and discerning infrastructure issues quickly.

You will learn how NeoLoad can help you accomplish:

  • A visual test for a visual outcome: Quickly create tests and see that they are accurate
  • Fast and easy scripting: All tests in just 13 functions vs. the 45 functions required with other solutions
  • Optical character recognition: A powerful way to easily detect text from images that are embedded in NeoLoad
  • Reduced reliance on IT: Run Citrix tests at load without requiring agents to be installed on load testing infrastructure

The product profiled in this webinar is Tricentis NeoLoad. You can get a free trial or request a demo today!

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