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The test automation theory behind Specsavers’ DevOps transformation

When Specsavers embarked on an ambitious global digital transformation program, Test Automation Manager Dave White knew his team could make a significant contribution to the program’s success. He set out to implement a modern approach to testing that would ensure complete coverage in a CI/CD pipeline and shorten testing timelines significantly – from four days to four minutes, in some cases.  

When enterprises begin modernizing testing for digital transformation, leaders are often eager to automate as much as possible. But for Specsavers, which offers eyesight testing services, exploratory testing still plays a critical role in ensuring the best possible experience for sight-impaired users. In this webinar, White explains how his team developed a test automation theory that focuses on automation quality over quantity, by automating the riskiest areas of the application first. 

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • How Specsavers implemented a BDD model for test automation and and embedded quality across the DevOps pipeline 
  • How the testing team ensures an excellent user experience for a diverse customer base that spans eight countries 
  • How Agile test management unifies testing across methods and tools to ensure complete test coverage within a fully automated pipeline  

The product profiled in this webinar is Tricentis qTest. You can get a free trial or request a demo today!

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