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Speed up test execution and simplify real-time reporting: Introducing Tricentis Tosca 15.2

Tosca 15.2 introduces two critical new features that improve test execution and reporting. In this webinar, you’ll hear from our product experts about how these features enable you to test faster and gain insights that improve testing effectiveness. Watch the webinar to see our product experts take you on a tour of new features, including: 

  • Enhanced test execution:
    • Quickly decide where to run your tests – in the cloud or on premises – and tie testing into CI/CD pipelines through a lightweight open API
    • Seamlessly integrate tests on either Elastic Execution Grid or DEX, removing the need to maintain Tosca CI executables
    • Easily distribute test results onto any tool of your choice
  • Tosca Dashboards:
    • Access and share testing status, pass/fail results, and more through a codeless, web-based interface
    • Monitor daily test execution runs to pinpoint root cause analysis

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