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Testing in a DevOps world

Across all industries, software is vital for companies’ interactions with their customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. The imperative for software quality is taking on even greater importance with the movement to cloud computing, requiring more modular and dynamic approaches to software development and deployment. Increasingly, organizations are building cloud-native applications utilizing microservices and containers. But is testing still considered the bottleneck to delivering software in the era of DevOps?

In this research report, Techstrong Group investigates the role of testing in the fast-paced business environment demanding the rapid delivery of high-quality software. They examine the impact of automation, who owns software quality, centrally managed vs. developer choice of tools for testing, and if the need for greater testing holds back other innovations and much more.

Hear from this dynamic panel as they discuss findings from the research.

Our panel of experts includes: 

  • Judith Hurwitz, President – Techstrong Research
  • Dan Kirsch, Managing Director – Techstrong Research
  • Jonathan Boswell, Product Marketing Manager – Tricentis
  • Alan Shimel, Founder, CEO & Editor-in-chief – (now Techstrong Group)
  • Mitch Ashley, CTO, Techstrong Group

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