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Analyst Research

Gartner Research | It’s the End of QA as We Know It (And We Feel Fine)

Analyst Research

DevOps…Continuous Delivery… APIs and microservices… shift left…shift right…BDD…TDD… …SDETs…open source…tribes…squads…cloud    

The application development and delivery landscape has changed dramatically in just the past 5 years. We can’t possibly expect QA as we know it to remain the same in the face of these seismic shifts.   

As Gartner puts it: 

“Digital business is driving a faster pace of delivery to support the continuous delivery of incremental changes. Traditional testing teams cannot meet this pace nor the expanded view of quality required.”*

But what is the ultimate goal of QA in the new era of DevOps and cloud speed – and what’s needed to achieve it? Those are the burning questions that the resources in this package aim to address. 

Download this newsletter for the Gartner reprint “DevOps and Cloud Speed Are Driving the End of QA as We Know It” as well as the Tricentis report “Reinventing Software Testing for DevOps and Modern Application Delivery.” We believe that you’ll learn about: 

  • The underlying forces driving current and future QA trends 
  • Different options for aligning QA with cloud and DevOps speed—even if you’re not a “unicorn” 
  • What’s really required to ensure that accelerated release cadences don’t put the business at risk

*Gartner, DevOps and Cloud Speed Are Driving the End of QA as We Know It, 13 August 2018, Thomas Murphy, Joachim Herschmann, Jim Scheibmeir