Test the Untestable with Service Virtualization


Test the Untestable with Service Virtualization

On-Demand Webinar

Enterprise testing is often characterized by spending significant time and efforts – weeks long testing periods, frequent deployments, test and bug fix cycles, dominant E2E tests on the UI level, and exploding costs.

Watch this on-demand webinar where Tricentis’ Alexander Mohr and Wipro’s Uday Jakati explain how you can reduce testing time and costs while increasing quality. We explain how implementing Service Virtualization into your agile transition can help you:

  • Enable full integration testing detached from any local test environment
  • Ensure high quality deliveries in vendors and outsourcing conditions
  • Reduce third party and environment access fees
  • Eliminate test environment constraints

Alexander Mohr, Solutions Manager, Tricentis

Uday Jakati, Global Practice Head for Specialized Practices – SOA Testing,Service Virtualization and DevOps, Wipro

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