Tricentis RPA

Resilient. Fast. Simple.

Tricentis RPA empowers business leaders to rapidly optimize their business processes and enhance the customer experience with the market’s leading automation platform.

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Why Tricentis RPA Delivers the Fastest Time to Business Value

Resilient Automation

Tricentis uses Model-Based Automation, giving business professionals the power to quickly design and implement sophisticated, resilient bots that can adapt to change in minutes rather than days.

Fast Deployment

Convert manual tasks to automated tasks rapidly and accurately.  Tricentis RPA offers the fastest time-to-business value with a next-gen automation engine designed for efficiency.

Simple to Use

Tricentis RPA was built for the business professional and is simple to use—no technical skills required. This means that more bots can be created and managed by a business professional without technical assistance.

Fast Time to Business Value

Unlike traditional RPA tools, Tricentis RPA is faster to implement, quicker to maintain, and easier to scale.

Unmatched Scalability

Scale transaction volume by 10X with automation at the object data model level rather than at the screen level.

Model Based Automation

Model-based automation enables more resilient and robust automation for the enterprise compared to traditional RPA tools.

No Technical Skill Required

Implement a new bot in a day 
vs 2+ weeks with traditional 
RPA tools.

Fast Deployment

Complex bots can be created and managed by the business professional.

More Tech Coverage

Broader automation coverage delivers a higher number of unattended bots compared to traditional RPA tools.

Built for Business Users

A user interface designed specifically for the business user in business terms.

Support for Over 150 Technologies

Unmatched support for 150+ technologies out-of-the-box enables a higher degree and coverage of automation.

Experience Resilient, Fast, Simple RPA

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