Automate More,
Test Less.
Spend Less.

In today’s environment, many organizations are under pressure to do more with less. By rapidly scaling test automation, you can significantly reduce testing costs. Tricentis customers have saved as much as $500,000 each month. Add AI-powered impact analysis to the equation, and save even more by focusing efforts on what actually needs testing — so you can get your innovations to market faster, even with limited resources.

Sandra Baker

“One key metric that resonated [with executives] was what this would have cost if we had to do it manually. Our number has been around a half million dollars that we’re saving each month.”

– Sandra Baker, Worldpay, Continuous Testing Transformation Success Factors

Save More Than Just Time and Energy
With an Intelligent Testing Approach


Test What Matters

Tricentis LiveCompare provides AI-powered impact analysis for SAP updates, exposing the risks to your critical business processes lurking in any standard or custom change, and tells you the most-at-risk areas that need to be tested.


Rapidly Scale Automation

Model-Based Test Automation enables enterprises to rapidly scale test automation rates to 90%+ across 160+ technologies — no coding skills required. Quickly create resilient tests that can be easily reused and maintained.


Release Faster

Tricentis Tosca’s Risk-Based Testing approach quickly finds the highest-risk areas in any application under test so you can focus testing efforts, detect critical bugs earlier, and release faster and with more confidence.

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Tricentis LiveCompare ensures we’re testing the right things and spending resources in the right places. When developing a regression test plan, the data received from LiveCompare allows us to more accurately tailor each plan to an individual release. Instead of testing everything we test only what’s impacted. That has translated into a direct resource savings of 30-40%.

– Ray Berry, Application Development Lead for the SAP Platform , The Coca-Cola Company

“We’ve now used Tricentis test automation for 3 years for many enhancement pack and support pack upgrades, as well as for our SAP S/4HANA migration. With the need to release more frequently across different applications in the landscape, it is imperative that you have an automation framework that lets you accelerate testing. Manual testing is simply not scalable. Test automation reduced testing time 93% and reduced testing costs 35%.”

– Arnab Mukherjee, Manager Enterprise Applications, Varian

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