Implementation Services


We are committed to helping your team get the most from Tricentis Tosca at every stage of the testing process. Whether you need help creating test cases, optimizing your processes, or automating tests, our experts offer the services you need to accelerate business innovation with peace of mind. We provide assistance in test case methodology, creating customized technical controls and steering technologies, and test data analysis. We also offer complete test center services, which allow you to outsource your projects either partially or completely to Tricentis.

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Starter Packages

Accelerate your time to value, with world-class implementation services provided directly from the manufacturer. We want to bring you up to speed as soon as possible. Choose between differently sized starter packages that include:

  • Tailored implementation plans with tasks, resources, dates and timelines
  • Installation and roll-out support
  • Customer specific extensions and integrations
  • Training and Certification
  • Assistance in the implementation of optimized tests
    • Optimize Test Cases
    • Manage Test Data
    • Automate Test Cases
  • Test management

We understand that every business is unique and has its own challenges and objectives to consider. Our implementation support will focus on knowledge transfer as well as your individual work objectives.

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Optimize Test Cases


We help customers to implement Tosca’s Risk Coverage Optimizer, which shifts the testing currency from today’s most common metric “number of test cases”, to the truly required metric of “risk coverage”.

Our consultants will assist you in getting a functional structure of your test target where use cases/epics/user stories have been assigned risk weights that reflect the business impact of your functions.

Based on this structure you will set-up test cases. Our consultants will introduce powerful but easy-to-use methodologies and help you design redundancy free test cases with the highest contribution to the overall risk coverage.


  • Reduced number of test cases On average customers can reduce the size of their existing test sets by 60 % by avoiding redundancies using Tosca’s Risk Coverage Optimizer.
  • Increased risk coverage Customers who do not apply powerful methodologies usually plateau at a level of 45 – 50 % risk coverage – further test cases lead to increased redundancy, but do not cover additional risks. With the use of Tosca’s methodologies, customers can easily achieve a 90+ % risk coverage.
  • Implicit design of required test data When setting up test cases, we will also design the test database, a pre-requisite to the test execution.

Manage Test Data


According to analyst research and market studies, manual testers spend more than 50% of their time searching for, and creating appropriate test data – we help you to get rid of this factor of cost and delay in your test execution.

Together with our consultants, you will define the scope of the dynamic synthetic test data to be provided (clarification of static and dynamic data areas). We will analyze your test environment’s interfaces and pick the most powerful access to create, and administer the required test data objects. The core deliverable at this stage is a test data concept.

Together we will implement the concept by automating the test data generation and administration sequences in Tosca and setting up the test data register in Tosca’s Test Data Management component. Test data administration will also be connected to test cases – thus test data will keep track with the state changes induced by test execution.


  • Never run out of test data again – tailored test data is created according to your needs
  • Reduced costs of test data generation through powerful automation
  • Accelerated time to market – exhaustive manual test data preparation will be avoided

Automate Test Cases


Industry analysts say that automation rates of companies running successful automation practices (for functional testing and regression testing), are still averaging at only around 30%. Some of the most common factors limiting any further expansion of the automation efforts are: insufficient tool capabilities, tool inflexibility, test data, and above all, automation maintenance. We are ready to help you overcome these obstacles.

Our consultants specialize on leveraging Tosca to its fullest potentials. We build automation portfolios optimized towards flexibility, maintainability and test data efficiency. We want your automation portfolio to be quick to maintain, and easy to change. You let us know the workflow and constraints we have to deal with, and together we will implement the most efficient solution for your environment.

We are not even limited to what Tosca can do out of the box! We simply use Tosca’s extensible interfaces to develop solutions specific to your company’s proprietary or third party components.

You want to do “extreme automation”? Consider it delivered!


  • Achieve regression automation degrees of 90% or even higher
  • Be assured that your test portfolio is truly optimized for low maintenance
  • Have your Tosca-based regression test suite ready as fast as you can, so that you can start moving towards your ROI quickly.

Virtualize Dev/Test Environments


Current interdependent and strongly connected systems act as the backbone of most efficient and fast IT organizations. While this system setup comes with many advantages, there is also a significant downside. Only a single malfunctioning system can cause the entire chain to break. Testing of the interfaces and the exchanged data becomes imperative. But, what if you cannot even test the chain sufficiently because there is hardly a point in time where all relevant systems are fully available? Interfaces might not be available. Sufficient test data might not be at hand in connected systems. Versions might not match or work with each other. Vendors might not host dedicated test environments that you can leverage for your end-to-end testing. In other words, you simply cannot efficiently test the chain because you need to rely on too many systems that are not in your control? We can help you with that.

Our consultants will help you to implement Tosca’s Orchestrated Service Virtualization, a full-blown service virtualization solution that will help you to simulate systems that usually tend to be unreliable, unavailable or follow different release plans.

With our help, you will be quickly able to replace systems one by one with virtualized pendants that cannot be used only in combination with Tricentis Tosca, but also with any other tool/system that might want to take advantage of the virtualization. Let us help to show you the sweet tastes of independence and control!


  • No development and/or QA downtimes due to interface unavailability
  • Save costs by not needing to pay for hosted test/dev environments of 3rd party services
  • Speed up your development turnaround times significantly
  • Develop faster and test sooner by simulating interfaces that do not even exist yet
  • Minimize error analyzing efforts

Technology Integration


At some point, application landscapes in the DevOps space get overwhelmingly complex to maintain. Processes that force users to do a lot of manual work, can feel clunky. Excel spreadsheets start floating around and get imported/attached in to other systems – all of these are manual user actions. Modern, particularly agile environments, do not allow for long turnaround times, information must be available quickly and smoothly, mostly from one or two common systems. This is why we are prepared to integrate Tosca with almost any of your other tools.

Whether they are custom tailored to your needs, or based on many of our prebuilt integrations, our consultants will work with you to asses integration needs, define workflows, analyze the APIs of the tools to integrate with, and implement integrations.


  • Have your integration* to HP, ALM, Rally, or Jira installed, configured, and customized – specific to your needs.
  • Integrate Tosca to achieve Continuous Delivery in your DevOps cycle and trigger test runs from your build server.
  • Send/retrieve test information (test case specifications, test results, …) from/to other applications and fully embed Tosca seamlessly into your application landscape.

* Integrations listed here are just an extract.