SoapUI is a popular open source tool that developers and technical testers use to test SOAP web services and RESTful APIs.  It’s been on the market since 2005, and offers functional testing for SOAP web services and REST APIs, WSDL coverage, message assertion testing, and test refactoring.  SoapUI provides an interface for testing “headless” services; many developers have mastered this interface, but testers accustomed to UI testing could face a steep learning curve.

SoapUI is a great fit for quick development smoke tests on specific API operations. However, if QA can’t understand and extend them, the tests don’t become an integral part of the regression test suite. As more and more tests get created by development, the result is an unmanageable test suite with a high degree of redundancy.

Moreover web services and APIs are only part of the functionality that must be tested to reduce the risks associated with many modern enterprises applications. Testing realistic user transactions may involve end-to-tests that cover mobile or web UIs, packaged applications, mainframes, and even big data.  Moreover, to ensure that applications satisfy business expectations—without delaying releases—enterprise-level testing also requires capabilities such as:

  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Risk coverage optimization
  • Sophisticated test data generation and management
  • Service virtualization
  • Integration with your “best of breed” DevOps/ALM toolchain

To help you bring your SoapUI tests up to the enterprise level, Tricentis offers automated migration of SoapUI tests.

Tricentis provides top test automation and optimization design capabilities, test asset reuse, and combined automation. Tricentis aims to make it easy for manual testers to achieve high levels of automation for both UI and API testing. Another unique aspect of Tosca is its risk-based approach, which allows the business to specify levels of risk and apply them to all automation scenarios, including API testing.

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SoapUI Testing with Tricentis Tosca

Your team’s SoapUI tests can be automatically imported into Tricentis Tosca API tests that are model-based, business-readable, and data-driven—simplifying test case maintenance and extension.

You can immediately start running your existing tests for regression testing with advanced reporting. When it’s time to extend tests, you can use a business-readable UI to define test objects, actions, and validations—there’s no need for scripting or developer assistance.

These “building block” SoapUI test cases can be reused across multi-channel (mobile, cross-browser, web UI, SAP, etc.) end-to-end tests as well as complemented with exploratory testing. Moreover, you can take advantage of additional Tricentis capabilities such as synthetic test data generation, risk coverage optimization, service virtualization, test management, analytics, and DevOps/ALM tool integrations as you extend and optimize those tests.

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SoapUI Import Details

You can automatically import SoapUI projects into Tricentis Tosca. The import covers:

  • TestSteps
  • Assertions
  • Delays
  • Manual TestSteps
  • Custom properties
  • Groovy scripts