Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves applying software and algorithms to automate routine tasks and operations that were previously completed by humans. Tricentis RPA is the culmination of over a decade of research and development.

Robotic Process Automation Tricentis Tosca Screenshot

About Tricentis Robotic Process Automation

Many of the same capabilities and business-friendly interfaces that earned us a position as the industry leader in software test automation are leveraged in Tricentis RPA. Whether you want to relieve overloaded business users from tedious, repetitive IT tasks or increase the speed and accuracy of technical process steps such as file operations, Tricentis RPA is up to the task.

Why Robotics?

Most organizations still rely on routine processes where employees manually manipulate data (structured and unstructured) or perform repetitive IT tasks with low value add. For example, consider document audit trails, manual calculations, and other manual operations that trigger downstream activities, etc.. These processes have escaped automation until now due to an attachment to tradition and the high system-integration costs previously required for change.

Now, the time is ripe for automation. The Institute for Robotic Process Organization estimates: “The most stunning benefit of RPA is its potential to deliver an immediate savings of 25 – 40% of labor costs.” Gartner’s interpretation of RPA’s relevance goes even further, highlighting RPA’s potential to improve business outcomes: “By 2019, process automation will have limited impact on top-line growth for 50% of organizations that will erroneously focus on labor reduction, not on improving business outcomes.”

Robotic Process Automation Tricentis Tosca Screenshot

Robotic Process Automation Beyond the UI

UI automation is typically the first use case that comes to mind when considering process automation, but Tricentis RPA can also automate message/API-based interactions between applications—using the same intuitive, business-readable interface.

Gartner underscores that “RPA is more than a screen scraping tool!” Tricentis RPA is engineered to help users take advantage of the full (vast) potential of RPA…beyond IT automation and towards business process optimization.

Business-Readable, Reusable Automation

Tricentis RPA tasks are easy to define, understand, and reuse—just like Tricentis Tosca tests. Business users familiar with the Tricentis Tosca interface will immediately understand how to work with the business-readable RPA tasks. RPA tasks can be triggered on-demand or automatically, using a broad variety of possible trigger events. You can monitor process status through messages detailing progress, execution state, and outcome (failure or success).