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Modernizing defense missions at DevSecOps speed with test automation

From situational data that keeps troops safe to satellite images that make a tactical difference on the battlefield, continuous testing must ensure Department of Defense (DOD) applications work even in the most rugged, remote conditions so warfighters can complete their mission and stay out of harm’s way. IT modernization and digital transformation projects must progress quickly, securely, and without errors, to stay ahead of threats. The DOD is leading the way with software factories and implementing DevSecOps to deliver mission-critical applications for use on land, at sea, and in the air, space, and cyberspace.


Tricentis supports the needs of today’s defense initiatives and software factories through intelligent, low-code automation that integrates into continuous development lifecycles. With our products, the DOD can accelerate remediation and minimize disruptions through end-to-end visibility, centralized reporting, and capabilities that enable data testing across complex IT landscapes. This gives you the power to deliver quality software at the speed of relevance.

A leader in testing for the defense and the intelligence communities

Modernization and transformation

Modernize at the speed of relevance with low-code, automated testing

It’s no secret – the battlefield has changed from physical to digital, and software is everywhere. Innovation in software factories is necessary to address mission challenges. To keep pace, the DOD is taking on major modernization and digital transformation projects to improve how it operates and supports warfighters. Success is crucial, as application failures can mean the difference between maintaining mission-critical programs and meeting current and future threats.

Tricentis enables defense and intelligence community IT modernization through low-code, automated testing for mission-critical applications, processes, and data — which can help optimize software security and compliance measures — all at DevSecOps speed and in time to mission. With Tricentis you can accelerate transformation, save costs, and rapidly and effectively deliver on your mission. When joining forces with Tricentis, DOD IT leaders can be confident their modernized software will be reliable and accessible when warfighters need it.

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Continuous software testing for DevSecOps initiatives

As the DOD embraces DevSecOps, mission-critical applications, and software factories, progress can’t be hindered by siloed, manual testing processes. As a leader in software development with bold use of DevSecOps the DOD is constantly seeking innovative ways to address mission challenges. Application failures don’t just cause mission failures but can mean the difference between meeting today and future threats.

Tricentis supports DevSecOps workflows and helps enable end-to-end visibility into CI/CD pipelines. We empower defense missions with software test automation that features low-code approaches that improve test coverage and reduce application delivery times for the programs that support warfighter communication, intelligence, and safety. A flexible end-to-end test automation suite provides visibility, analytics, and continuous testing of critical applications means fast remediation of defects and continued trust.

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Centralize testing and orchestrate quality at mission speed

Our nation’s defense and intelligence community continues to face an IT talent gap, operates in siloes, and must be armed to fight on the digital and physical battlefield. Security is paramount, and manual testing is slow, disjointed, higher risk, and resource intensive. A centralized testing approach can help the DOD orchestrate software quality, including adherence to stringent software security measures, at the speed of relevance, while supporting a shared DevSecOps environment essential to DOD software factories.

Tricentis is uniquely suited for today’s defense strategies and software factories through intelligent, low-code automation that integrates into continuous development lifecycles. Our flagship no-code test automation platform up-skills manual testers in as little as 40 hours of training and creates test cases that are widely interchangeable with our other products. From situational data that keeps troops safe to satellite images that make a tactical difference on the battlefield, Tricentis’ centralized, continuous testing ensures DOD applications work even in the most rugged, remote conditions — at mission speed.

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Performance testing

Test performance at DevSecOps speed

Near-instant access to applications is critical to the support of warfighters and slow performance puts missions at risk. The battlefield and how we fight has changed with the Internet of Battlefield Things, 24/7 threats in digital and physical worlds, and constant software updates are the norm. Scalable performance and load testing that isn’t manual is necessary to protect our nation or military.

Tricentis scales and simplifies performance and load testing so the defense and intelligence communities can meet the needs of their warfighters without disruption – keeping them and our nation safe. Our solutions support resilient, scalable, and reliable applications during production to ensure a quality end-user experience. We test at the API level early in development, detecting issues when they’re easy to fix. We hit the application with high load in an end-to-end testing environment, which simulates what end users will experience under various demanding conditions.

As a result, the DOD can deliver quality software at DevSecOps speed, even as they modernize, to support warfighters in real time.

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Change intelligence

Change intelligence to reduce SAP project risks

The defense and intelligence community is expected to release reliable and accessible applications that adhere to strict software security protocols and are free of errors, even with frequent software updates. At the same time, it is also taking on major modernization projects to improve how it operates and serves. Downtime and errors are not an option with software updates or modernization projects.

Tricentis provides SAP teams with AI-powered analytics and insights that significantly reduce the risk, time, and cost of delivering and supporting changes to SAP solutions. Easy to set up and use, Tricentis continuously monitors your SAP delivery pipelines and production systems for issues that put your SAP projects at risk. Our DevSecOps-friendly capabilities improve quality and deployment speed throughout your SAP practice.

In addition to our change intelligence solution for SAP, our other products provide app native support for 160+ applications, including commonly used platforms like Oracle, Salesforce, and ServiceNow, which help the DOD streamline testing to support a seamless experience that is critical to mission success. Tricentis’ end-to-end software testing powers innovation on the platforms DOD and the intelligence community depend on.

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Data integrity

Ensure data integrity to protect lives and preserve trust

Inaccurate data puts missions at risk. It’s essential that defense and intelligence community digital services and applications use data that’s high quality, accurate, and complete. Data integrity can’t be an afterthought during modernization or digital transformation.

Tricentis delivers solutions our military can rely on. End-to-end visibility allows defense and intelligence agencies to test data across complex IT landscapes. Our solution is the only one that can test data throughout its entire journey — from source systems to the data warehouse to a final report, visualization, or edge device. By ensuring data quality at every touchpoint, the DOD can deliver decision-grade, trustworthy data to power critical operations that protect our nation.

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Intelligent test automation


Test management and analytics


Performance testing

Data Integrity

Data integrity testing


Reduce risks from SAP projects