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Modernizing civilian and defense missions with test automation

Federal agencies rely on high-quality software applications to serve citizens and protect our nation. As they modernize, they must contend with talent gaps, cyber threats and leaner resources—while advancing priorities like security, CX, cost-efficiency, and DevSecOps. Test automation can support transformation on all fronts by helping agencies update their services and applications at speed.


As a leader in continuous software testing and quality engineering, Tricentis enables this digital transformation across federal government. Our low-code, automated solutions make it possible for agencies to test and validate critical applications with less time and risk. This empowers them to deliver quality software at the speed of relevance—so they can readily support citizens and warfighters.

A leader in testing for civilian and defense agencies

Modernization and transformation

Accelerate modernization with low-code, automated testing

Warfighters and federal employees depend on accessible, reliable software to deliver on their missions. But as more agencies embrace DevSecOps and hybrid cloud, manual software testing has become too costly and slow to ensure quality at mission speed. To successfully transform, agencies need faster testing to keep up with shorter release cycles—and remain ready for future innovation.

Tricentis’ automated approach lets federal government test and deliver applications at DevSecOps speed. By building continuous, low-code testing into their workflows, civilian and defense agencies can empower non-technical users to contribute to software quality. This allows them to release high-performing software up to 10 times faster with fewer resources. As a result, agencies can accelerate digital transformation, save costs, and deliver capabilities at the pace of the mission.

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Customer experience

Elevate digital experiences to exceed citizen expectations

Commercial platforms have raised the bar for quick, seamless, and reliable online experiences. Now, citizens expect the same kind of experiences from the federal services they rely on—such as Social Security and Medicaid.

Tricentis helps your agency exceed citizen expectations by ensuring your applications are functional, effective, and easily accessible. We do this with continuous, low-code, automated testing that assures software quality at speed and scale. This allows your agency to confidently advance its digital services while saving taxpayer dollars—leading to an elevated citizen experience.

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Centralize testing and orchestrate quality at mission speed

Federal agencies face an ongoing shortage of IT talent. Meanwhile, many of them still operate in siloes, which makes software testing slower, disjointed and more resource intensive. A centralized testing approach can help agencies orchestrate quality at speed as they continually strive to “do more with less.” In defense, it also can support a shared DevSecOps environment essential to DoD software factories.

Tricentis’ software quality engineering is uniquely suited for federal government. We help siloed teams save resources and achieve clarity in their testing—giving them a single place to manage exploratory and manual testing, schedule and orchestrate automated tests, and analyze quality and release readiness. Software teams gain a complete view of their testing from planning to production. This lets them remediate quickly with less disruption, so agencies can meet citizen and warfighter needs faster.

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Performance testing

Test performance at DevSecOps speed

Today’s users expect near-instant access to applications, which makes slow performance a huge barrier to citizen satisfaction and warfighter readiness. But for agencies using DevSecOps, manual testing isn’t fast enough to vet performance at the speed of relevance. This is critical when application failure can block access to vital services—or mean the difference between life and death on the battlefield.

Tricentis simplifies performance and load testing so agencies can continuously meet user needs, even as they modernize. Our solutions support resilient, scalable and reliable applications during production to ensure a quality end-user experience. We test at the API level early in development, detecting issues when they’re easy to fix. We hit the application with high load in an end-to-end testing environment, which simulates what end users will experience under various demanding conditions.

As a result, agencies can deliver quality software at DevSecOps speed to improve citizen experience and support warfighters in real time.

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Data integrity

Ensure data integrity to protect lives and preserve trust

Data integrity has never been more vital to public trust. As federal agencies integrate more data from more sources, there’s greater risk that a discrepancy could impact mission operations and human outcomes. Not only could this degrade essential services for Americans—it could also put lives at risk in situations that hinge on accurate intelligence.

To foster trust, government must ensure all data is quality, accurate, compliant, and complete.

With automated data testing, Tricentis helps agencies and military commands ensure their analytical and operational data is fit for use across the IT landscape. Our solution is the only one that can test data throughout its entire journey—from source systems to the data warehouse, to a final report, visualization, or edge device. By ensuring integrity at every touchpoint, agencies can deliver trustworthy, data-driven experiences that protect lives and instill confidence in government.

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Codeless, end-to-end test automation


Centralized test management and analytics


Continuous performance and load testing

Data Integrity

Automated quality testing across the data journey


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