Soap UI

Soap UI is popular amongst agile teams because of its ability to easily create web service test cases from a technical perspective -it also helps that the tool is available for free. Although Soap UI works well to bring testing projects up to a certain point; however at an enterprise level, a comprehensive solution supporting multiple technologies and collaboration is mandatory.

Soap UI Project Importer

Tricentis Tosca Testsuite’s Soap UI Project Importer takes Soap UI test artefacts and imports them into Tosca, automatically converting them into business readable test cases that are ready to use. It creates well designed test cases along with test data and all the automation information needed to run your tests, based on the information in SOAP UI, and is readily available in Tosca.

The Soap UI Project Importer helps customers who want to move from SOAP UI to Tosca, by giving them a quick start. In most cases, depending on the scripting complexity and usage of specific SOAP UI function, test cases can be fully executed following the import. Where conversion is not possible, Tosca collects all the information needed to complete your tests in Tosca.

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