Automated testing solutions for Veeva

Ensure seamless, compliant Veeva application releases

Veeva applications help life sciences companies navigate the complex world of clinical trials, quality management, and regulatory compliance. Tricentis enables you to automate and scale testing across Veeva applications, so IT, QA, and business teams can deliver accurate, secure, and compliant updates while maintaining business continuity.



Overcome the hurdles of Veeva application testing

Life sciences companies face unique challenges when managing and updating Veeva applications, from regulatory compliance to complex data flows. Tricentis helps you navigate these challenges by providing efficient and scalable testing solutions.

Compliance risk from complex updates

Regulatory changes or internal modifications could introduce compliance issues without proper documentation. Tricentis provides comprehensive digital validation for Veeva applications, so you can stay compliant and minimize risks.

Data integrity across business units

Ensuring consistent and accurate data across marketing, clinical, and quality systems is crucial. Tricentis helps validate data integrity across systems through automated testing, reducing manual effort and errors.

Frequent releases disrupting business operations

Veeva applications require regular updates that could disrupt workflows. Tricentis accelerates automated testing to maintain business continuity and enhance operational efficiency.

High maintenance costs due to manual testing

Manual testing is time-consuming and costly. Tricentis’ codeless test automation significantly reduces maintenance costs and accelerates testing cycles.

Use cases

Accelerate Veeva compliance validation

Tricentis digital validation helps support compliance documentation for Veeva applications, helping teams keep validated test for regulatory reports quickly and efficiently. By reducing manual reporting efforts, QA and compliance teams can focus on ensuring application security and integrity. With an automated, risk-based testing strategy, Veeva updates are delivered with confidence, helping teams remain compliant while reducing the time spent on manual activities.

Streamline Veeva marketing and operations

Tricentis optimizes the testing process across Veeva marketing and operational systems. Automated testing identifies potential issues early, ensuring seamless content management, improved efficiency, and a reduction in workflow disruptions. As a result, marketing and operations teams can maintain brand consistency while achieving faster time-to-market for their campaigns and reducing operational bottlenecks

“Increasing delivery speed was critical for our business, but we couldn’t get there with manual testing alone. We needed new tools that could help us accelerate testing — to industrialize it.”

Galaad Lepaul

Head of Test Automation

Colas Digital Solutions


Product capabilities

Empower your Veeva testing strategy with Tricentis innovation

Tricentis’ suite of products enables life sciences organizations to build scalable, automated testing frameworks tailored to Veeva’s unique requirements. Each tool provides essential capabilities for accelerating Veeva application testing and ensuring compliance.

Test automation acceleration

Accelerate test automation and maintain stability across your Veeva application suite, reducing maintenance and simplifying test design.

Centralized test management

Centralize test management and reporting for consistent, traceable results in complex Veeva testing environments.

Data integrity validation

Validate and ensure seamless data transfers between Veeva applications and other systems, safeguarding data quality.

Digital text approval

Provide digital records for change management of test assets and results to simply compliance reporting and test case management.

See the impact of Tricentis on Veeva testing

Experience how Tricentis accelerates Veeva application testing and compliance. Get a personalized demo to explore how our solution can deliver fast, high-quality, and compliant releases.

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