Testing Heroes 2019

The annual Testing Heroes Awards recognizes the outstanding individual and team contributions within the software testing community. This year’s Tester of the Year and Test Manager of the Year received complimentary airfare, hotel stays, and passes to Tricentis Accelerate in Vienna!

Testing Heroes
Award Categories
Tester of Year

Tester of the Year

This award goes to the individual who demonstrates tireless dedication to software quality, user experience, reliability, and the art of all things software testing.

Manager of Year

Test Manager of the Year

This award goes to the individual tasked with managing any combination of quality, risk, automation, performance — all while software grows increasingly complex and demands from the business accelerate.


The Explorer

Through a variety of tools, techniques, and heuristics all learned along life’s journey, The Explorer’s goal is to reach those parts of an application that others fear to tread — or don’t think to tread — and is arguably the strongest customer advocate you’ve got.


The Performer

The Performer uses modern approaches to performance and load testing, so applications run reliably before, during and after each release. This individual also understands the need for earlier and continuous performance testing in order to capture potential issues before they reach production.


The Automator

The Automator understands that expectations from the business are constantly changing, and that automation is key to meeting accelerated demands for innovation. This individual looks for sustainable, scalable automation solutions that maintain software quality in faster and faster release cycles.


Test Team of the Year

The Test Team of the Year is made up of individuals with a variety of areas of domain expertise, the motivation to deliver the highest quality software in every release, and the ability to share their test results with the rest of the business. This team is critical for protecting the customer journey.

Agile Team

Agile Test Team of the Year

The Agile Team of the Year understands requirements continuously change, release cadences accelerate, and testing is a continuous process. This team has the mindset, processes, and feedback loops in place to continuously strive for improvement throughout the software delivery lifecycle.


How the Testing Heroes Award Program Works


Individuals can be nominated for any number of these categories, and you should encourage your colleagues and those in your personal networks to nominate your favorite testers as well! Nominating someone is easy. Just enter their name and email — and your own contact info — and they’re in. It’s up to you to get your nominees as many entries as you can!

The Opt-In

Nominees will be notified by Tricentis via email that someone thinks very highly of them, and will be given the choice to opt-in to the Testing Heroes awards program. This is because in Round 2, we will be adding their name to a final ballot, and we don’t want to publicly include the name of anyone who would prefer to not participate.

Now the fun really begins.

The Voting Round

Once we’ve tallied up the nominations for each category, a select few will be added to a final ballot that will be used to determine the winners. Those who nominated someone who makes it to this round will be notified via email, and we’ll also share some ideas for how you can help your nominee(s) get the maximum number of votes. This is where you’ll need to get creative with how you’ll get the rest of your organization to contribute their votes!

Share & Campaign

Maybe you’ll share the ballot’s URL via Slack, email, or an internal newsletter.

Maybe you’ll set up an iPad in a company break room or kitchen where your nominee(s) can be voted for.

Maybe you’ll reach out to your social network with a quick campaign-style video where you list your nominee’s most amazing qualities.

There is an endless number of ways to campaign for your favorite testers, and we can’t wait to hear the success stories of those who started by submitting a single nomination and ended up with an entire company being made aware of the incredible work being done by one of their own.

Who are your testing heroes? Let the world know by nominating them!


Contest Rules

We are excited for you to participate in spotlighting the industry’s Testing Heroes! Before you’re off to nominating and voting, give a quick read to the official contest terms and conditions.

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