The annual Testing Heroes Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of the software testing community. Nominate your Testing Heroes by clicking on any of the categories below!

This year's Tester of the Year and Test Manager of the Year will receive complimentary airfare, hotel stay, and pass to Tricentis Accelerate 2018!

Tricentis Testing Hero - The All-ArounderTester of the Year

This tester knows how to test anything and everything – and leaps at the opportunity to do so.

Tricentis Testing Hero - The DesignerTest Manager of the Year

This tester develops innovative, modern test strategies while ensuring their team has the resources and support they need.

Tricentis Testing Hero - The ExplorerThe Explorer

This tester applies creativity, and investigative expertise to uncover important issues that threaten user experience.

Tricentis Testing Hero - The VirtualizerThe Performer

This tester knows best how to put load and demand on a system to continuously measure its performance and reliability.

Tricentis Testing Hero - The AutomatorThe Automator

This tester can automate even the most complex scenario for the highest code coverage.

Tricentis Testing Hero - The Risk-o-MeterThe Risk-o-Meter

This tester understands and addresses the business risks in each release.

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What happens next?

Testers receiving the highest number of nominations will move on to a final round where vote totals alone determine the 2018 Testing Hero for each category. Nominees who make it to the voting round—and those who nominated them—will be notified via email before polls officially open.