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Digital transformation initiatives such as S/4HANA transformations or DevOps can have a major impact on how we test, ensure, and manage quality. Traditional testing organizations continue to look for ways to increase speed and reduce costs. Test automation and continuous testing play an integral role in enabling these initiatives and bringing about positive changes. But organizations still lack an effective way to transform traditional testing into a more modern setup and the change agents to initiate and manage the agile testing cycle.

As part of the Continuous Testing Framework, the Enterprise Enablement Team (EET) is a proven model to guide your testing transformation and streamlining strategies in your organization so that you can meet the needs from the business and customer demands. The team is designed to be a slim version of a testing center of excellence and operates as a shared service, working across the teams in an enterprise. Enterprise Enablement Teams are already driving successful testing transformations and implementations of the agile testing lifecycle.

In assessing many Fortune 500 companies, Tricentis confirmed that companies with an Enterprise Enablement Team are more likely to succeed in testing transformations than those without. Of those companies with an Enterprise Enablement Team, we identified an increased ability to implement, automated continuous integration, automated continuous delivery, tools integration, and cross-team collaboration.

Companies with an

Enterprise Enablement Team (EET) are more likely to have:



Core responsibilities

The Enterprise Enablement Team works with development, business staff and testing professionals at all levels of an organization. Because the Enterprise Enablement Team encompasses a wide range of skillsets, its members will naturally form connections throughout a company and enable continuous testing at scale.

One of the top priorities of any Enterprise Enablement Team is to empower individual teams throughout the organization to perform their day-to-day testing activities effectively. To that end, they will have governance of the following domains:

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