BI / Data Warehouse Testing

Testing of data warehouses (DWH) usually occurs late in the cycle. Business analysts get dragged into the process of checking reports produced by the business intelligence (BI) logic, which adds to their daily workload. When errors are detected, the cause of the error can be anything from a data quality issue stemming from when the data enters the DWH, to a data processing issue caused by a malfunction of the business logic along the layers of the DWH and its BI components. This is a painstakingly tedious task and often results in many hours of manual effort.

Tricentis Tosca BI/Data Warehouse Testing is the Continuous Testing solution for the DWH realm. Our Model-based Test Automation extension for DWH/BI seamlessly integrates into Tricentis Tosca, enabling customers to benefit from the fully-integrated software testing solution (including test case and test data management).

Verify Data Quality and Processing

Automatically generate vital checks for both data quality and data processing. The generated test cases cover both table level checks as well as field level checks for the various DWH/BI layers. Business reconciliation can be performed through data-set comparisons—including file to database and database to file comparisons.

BI Data Warehouse
Data Profiling

Data Profiling

Multi-column profiling helps you inspect more complex business rules, particularly within the BI layers. You can easily set-up both inferred and trend/targeted profiling tests on a business level.

BI Report Testing

Tricentis Tosca’s Model-based Test Automation automates testing of BI reports by providing checks for fully laid out reports or analyzing underlying data that is fed into the reports (e.g., Cognos, Tableau, Qlik, etc.) . Tricentis customers who have used Model-based Test Automation to automate their BI report testing have achieved automation rates of up to 90+%.

BI/Data Warehouse Testing Support

Supported Databases

  • All ODBC databases, e.g. Oracle, Db2, Teradata, MSSQL, Hive, HBase
  • Hadoop through WebHDFS

File Support

  • Fixed & Comma Separated
  • Excel

Miscellaneous Support

  • Any CI tool
  • HP QC
  • Reporting

Test Examples

  • Straight data move
  • Data transformations
  • Report validation

Sample Operations

  • File to File
  • File to DB
  • DB to File
  • DB to DB
  • WebHDFS to DB/File
  • DB/File to WebHDFS