Tricentis Data Integrity

Automated end-to-end data testing

Tricentis Data Integrity includes a complete set of templates and wizards that enable you to automate the entire checklist of tests recommended by researchers to ensure data integrity.

Data testing

Tricentis Data Integrity enables completely automated end-to-end data testing across all layers of your data ecosystem.

Pre-screening data testing

The pre-screening wizard facilitates the early detection of data errors (missing values, duplicates, data formats, etc.). Use it to ensure that the data loaded into staging tables is correctly structured and formatted. You can also verify that the field level data meets your requirements (e.g., allowed values or patterns).

Vital Checks

Vital Checks expose data acquisition errors. You can automatically generate vital checks for both data quality and data processing. Tests for metadata, completeness, uniqueness, and referential integrity can be created out of the box. The generated test cases cover table-level checks as well as field-level checks for the various BI/DWH layers.

Reconciliation tests

Reconciliation testing performs complete source-to-target comparisons — including file-to-database and database-to-file comparisons. These reconciliation tests can perform algorithmic or complete row-by-row comparisons of two data sets from two disparate systems. These tests can be associated with your transformation requirements — providing instant insight into which transformation requirements have been tested and whether those tests succeeded or failed.

Profiling tests

Profiling tests validate data for logical consistency and correctness from a business perspective. For example, you can automatically check that insurance contracts can be cancelled only if all outstanding invoices have been paid. Profiling functionality can also be used to monitor how many data values of a certain type exist at any given point, and alert you to “out of range” values. Results can be used to create a trend profile over time.

Report testing

Report testing uses Tricentis Tosca’s model-based test automation to check that BI reports in Cognos, Tableau, QlikView, etc., are fully laid out. It also analyzes the underlying data that is fed into the reports.