Tricentis Tosca

A Love Letter to TBox

Let me introduce myself: I am Frank. As a Tricentis engineer, my favorite part of my job is pushing Tricentis Tosca to its limits; finding solutions for everything that seems “impossible”.

Today I faced a challenge that proved to me, once again, what an excellent job the Tricentis engineers are doing improving the Tricentis Tosca customization experience on our TBox platform.

I was working on a custom control for one of our newer customers – this map of US states: (fancy, I know!)

The map had no tooltipsno labelsor HTML attributes that indicate the US state. The QA team was wondering if there is any way to customize testing this, and how it would look in Tricentis Tosca. There were even some who believe that it might be impossible without adjusting their product.

In the end though, the answer was as simple as this:

(And no, it’s not an Image Based Engine!)

As of writing this, the customer has not seen it yet, but I am sure he will wake up tomorrow with a huge smile on his face! Not only does Tricentis Tosca steer the map, but it also automatically retrieves all the states as a value range! How awesome is that?!

This is just one of many examples of interesting and complex controls that we face on a daily basis. The TBox framework has improved a lot in the last two years – customizing today is fast and efficient. Best of all, the framework itself assists you in accomplishing many of the tasks.

For example, in this situation we decided to use another technology (JavaScript) as part of the customization. Most of the time was spent analyzing the controls, but the actual implementation was done in less than an hour! I love customizing in TBox and don’t care who knows it. It is fast and powerful!

I definitely find flaws every now and then, and no question there is a learning curve and certain skill set required. Enablement is a challenge that we are all working on. But once you got the hang out of it, you have a very powerful tool at your side to conquer everything that crosses your automation journey!

Thanks to the Tricentis engineers for all the work they dedicate to making the customization process a piece of cake!