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Tricentis Tosca

A Word From the Experts: The Manual Testing Assistant

According to analysts, 70% of software testing is still done manually, posing a real challenge to almost every testing project today.  As a result, manual testing must be lean and easy-to-use to be of any real value to Agile testers.

We’ve worked on creating a Tosca Manual Testing Assistant that does just that.

We’ve improved our Manual Testing Assistant to make it more intuitive and easy-to-use. It significantly speeds up testing and documenting errors by adding comments and attachments, as well as annotated screenshots to your  test cases. Documentation and annotation of bugs and errors can be done while you execute manual tests, without any interruptions.

Our goal was to create a manual test execution assistant that made documenting your findings intuitive and effortless. We have also significantly improved the user experience by building an easy-to-use companion for your manual testing journey to ensure your manual testing lives up to all of our Agile standards.

Learn about the Manual Testing Assistant here.