Adventures with Install Protractor: Part 1

Using open source test tools

Recently I was asked to check out Protractor, a tool for testing AngularJS web applications. I took this as a chance to get my hands dirty with these kinds of tools.

Since I am not a guy who reads a lot of documentation before starting with the first steps, I decided to follow the tutorial on their site.

I learned that Protractor is based on node.js – so I headed over to download it from there – luckily there was this big green install button:

I installed it just where the setup proposed it: C:\Program Files\nodejs

The next step on the list was to run the installation so I opened a cmd window and typed in the following command line:

Instead of getting what I wanted, I was overwhelmed with a lot of error messages:

I was especially baffled by the message that it couldn’t find an application named node which was very same directory as npm.

I originally thought that it has something to do with blanks in the nodejs path, but reinstalling it in different location didn’t help either – still the same issue.

So I did what every user is doing when something is not working – reboot:

and started again with:

Ok, now I need obviously needed Python – a check on the node.js site revealed that I need Python 2.6 or 2.7 for it:

I went to the download page of the python project and install the latest 2.7. version.

Weird. What happened? Somehow the installation of python changed something for node.js.

Reboot to be on the safe side:

After the second reboot, I decided to check in my start menu – there is something called node.js command prompt – perhaps I should run that one:

The command prompt looks much better – shame on me, sometimes I should check what is installed!

Next try:

Wait. No more python errors but now msbuild is complaining that I have to install .NET Framework 2.0 SDK or Visual Studio 2005?

I check the installed .NET versions – so it should be there:

At the moment I am writing this blog it seems to be still an issue, so I tried the solution described here and voila – no errors:

So step one completed – it took me only 4 hours.