Agile Testing: The Unicorn in the room

Agile testing

Agile Testing: The Unicorn in the Room

Shift left.
Fail early.
Improve your time to market.

Buzzwords swirl around the concept of agile testing, but for many of the enterprises trying to create an agile testing environment, achieving those ideals is about as common as seeing a unicorn walk through your office.

It is easy to throw words around, but how do we truly get to the heart of agile testing and make it achievable and effective for your company?

The concept of “Failing Early” is only possible in tandem with Continuous Testing: it requires a focus on testing effectively.  As companies move closer to a continuous “build and integrate” model, continuous testing (and thus, early failure), becomes a key factor in being able to keep up with the demand of Dev-Ops.

Dev-Ops is, in many ways, the operation team’s revenge on developers for faster development times. As we move into faster and more agile development practices, the operations teams, working in their traditional waterfall methods, have not been able to keep up. We tend to code and develop faster than we can test– which then makes placing those changes into productions both risky and difficult. We like to think of it as Dev-(Test)-Ops, and would love to see the concept of continuous testing move into the Dev-Ops cycle to create a truly integrated cycle.

Where we see this come into fruition is within your effort. How much effort is put into your agile testing environment? How much of your time and budget goes into manual testing? Within the hyper speed world of agile testing, manual testing simply cannot keep up. By shifting our focus away from manual to highly repeatable and efficient automated testing for the web services interfaces, we can significantly reduce the amount of effort (and thus costs and time-to-market). In the end we believe it comes down to automation: having the ability to automate your testing environment early in process – within the time frame of a sprint in fact, is how customers have become extremely successful in an agile environment.

Michael Eckhoff, Tricentis’ Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, and Roman Zednik, the Director of the Global Presales Team, have years of experience helping customers who are implementing or currently utilizing agile technology to be more successful in their agile projects. In their webinar “Automate Agile Testing”, Michael and Roman shared the key factors that they have found to be critical for success in an agile project, and a live demo of how Tosca Testsuite can help you get there.  It is, after all, what the core of what we do at Tricentis: Partner with enterprises to help them succeed in their agile testing.

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To learn more about automating Agile Testing, feel free to check out the recorded webinar on our resources page.