Tricentis acquires Neotys to simplify load testing across complex enterprise applications


Sandeep Johri

Board member, former CEO Tricentis

I’m excited to share that Tricentis has acquired Neotys.

In 2013, Tricentis forged a deep partnership with Neotys. Since then, Tricentis and Neotys have integrated our respective products, Tosca and NeoLoad, and collaborated to ensure our joint customers’ and partners’ success. We even share a common mission: helping enterprise organizations break free from the limitations of legacy testing approaches to accelerate digital transformation. Customers using our integrated products value how we enable faster, simpler, and much more frequent load testing—load testing that’s architected for today’s world of “continuous everything.”

Now, we’re taking the partnership to a new level by merging the two companies.

Neotys is recognized as the new leader in performance testing and their product, NeoLoad, is the top load testing solution for enterprise applications such as SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, Microsoft, Citrix, Avaloq, Guidewire, etc.—from thick-client desktop apps to APIs and web interfaces. It’s a next-generation replacement for archaic load testing tools that hold back modern delivery processes. NeoLoad provides unparalleled support for legacy and modern applications—and it’s built expressly for today’s fast-paced DevOps processes. It can be deployed in the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly into CI tools, APM systems, containers, and other elements of the DevOps toolchain.

Tricentis Tosca + NeoLoad

Like Tricentis Tosca, NeoLoad takes a no-code approach to testing—so any tester can easily contribute to load testing efforts. Especially in today’s fast-paced development processes, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. That’s why we support a single test case definition for both functional and load testing. A team’s existing functional tests can be converted to load testing scripts with just the click of a button. As functional tests evolve, the load tests are updated automatically.

This connection automates load test design and minimizes test maintenance. It also enables you to derive additional value from your functional tests. With this seamless integration and extreme reuse, load testing can be performed in-sprint and “Continuous Performance Testing” can run throughout the DevOps pipeline. Ultimately, this helps your organization deliver the compelling user experiences that are essential to today’s digital transformation initiatives.

Our customers’ success has proven that Tricentis offers the top solution for end-to-end functional testing across legacy and modern applications. It made perfect sense, then, to join forces with the industry’s top solution for end-to-end load testing across legacy and modern applications. Our joint customers have already achieved impressive speed and quality gains using our initial integration. Working together, we will take the innovation to a new level within the industry’s most comprehensive continuous testing platform.

A unified platform for SAP load testing

For our many joint SAP + Tricentis customers, this move provides an easy-to-use, modern solution for load testing all existing and future SAP applications as well as connected technologies. NeoLoad is SAP-certified and natively supports the full range of SAP solutions, from classic on-prem ERP applications and interfaces such as ECC, NetWeaver, and SAP GUI to modern, cloud-based solutions such as S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Concur, Hybris, and Ariba. SAP customers can now rely on a unified platform to ensure that enhancements, updates, and S/4HANA or cloud migrations don’t degrade performance or disrupt critical business processes.

Development community open source load testing with Tricentis Flood

Of course, the broader developer community will continue to build load tests for cloud-native apps using open source tools. This is where Tricentis Flood shines. We have open-sourced Flood Element, a fresh browser-based approach for addressing even the most complex cloud-native apps (the ones beyond the reach of most load testing tools). Flood also simplifies cloud-based load testing with common open source tools including JMeter, and Gatling. There are some exciting Flood developments in the works right now; we look forward to sharing details in the upcoming months.

Learn more about what you can expect—and how to get started

I hope that you share my excitement in welcoming Neotys and NeoLoad to the Tricentis family. Tricentis Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Wolfgang Platz, will be joining Neotys CEO & Co-founder, Thibaud Bussière, to delve into what this news means for you. That webinar, Behind the Tricentis-Neotys Acquisition, will occur April 8, 2021.

We will also be unveiling additional details about our joint roadmap at the Tricentis Virtual Summit on April 13 (Americas), April 14 (EMEA), and April 15 (APAC). In just a half day, you can discover the latest industry trends and explore proven strategies that you can start applying immediately. Whether you’re scaling DevOps + digital transformation initiatives, transforming your organization’s quality strategies, or perfecting your testing craft, we have 20+ sessions lined up for you—featuring the industry’s most innovative and passionate leaders. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!


Sandeep Johri