7 Reasons Software Testing Professionals Should Avoid the Tricentis APAC Roadshow

Tricentis is taking all the latest in software testing innovations, trends, best practices, and news across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore this year—but that doesn’t mean you should go. Ground-breaking events where you’ll get the first look at things like new Agile test management, BDD, load testing, and test data management strategies should be avoided at all costs.

To make you feel better for skipping it, we’ve assembled a list of reasons you shouldn’t come to the roadshow. Hope it helps. If it doesn’t, just give in already and register.

1. You like being the last to know things.

The roadshow is your opportunity to get the latest scoop on what’s new and what to expect on the product roadmap—straight from the product team. This year promises to be particularly exciting, given Tricentis’ recent merger with QASymphony and acquisition of Q-up test data management. But who wants to know about the industry’s latest Continuous Testing innovations that will save you time and advance your career?

2. It’s just not convenient

If you’re in the APAC area, you can’t possibly be within traveling distance to Singapore…or Wellington….or Melbourne…or Brisbane…or Canberra…and certainly not Sydney. Plus, how could you possibly free up 3 hours to learn about topics that could help you take your career to the next level?

3. Innovation is boring.

No one is interested in new technologies or methodologies that could make their lives easier and help them excel at their job. Why learn about the latest advances from one of the industry’s leading software testing tool providers (according to Gartner, Forrester and IDC)? There’s no value in something that will save you tons of time, relieve you from the tedious tasks you hate, or anything like that…right?

4. Meeting great people is overrated.

You could meet your next business partner, learn how your peers are tackling the challenges that keep you up at night, or simply mingle with (and be inspired by) other brilliant minds in the software testing industry…but that’s just overrated. Wouldn’t you rather spend even more time with the same people you see day in and day out?

5. You already know everything there is to know about the software testing industry.

Nothing about software testing is really changing – except for DevOps, scaled agile, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Continuous Testing, open source tools, API Testing, mobile test labs…ok, maybe there is a lot.

6. You want Tricentis products to stay exactly how they are now…forever.

The roadshow is a key time for Tricentis to gather feedback and ideas on new features in Tricentis Tosca, Tricentis Flood, and Tricentis qTest. It’s a time to talk to the Tricentis team and make sure your voice is heard. But that doesn’t matter for you – there is nothing about our products you would like to see changed, enhanced, or extended.

7. Software testing events can’t possibly be any fun.

If you’ve ever met the Tricentis team (especially the Tricentis APAC team), you know you’d probably have more fun clearing out your overflowing Inbox. Just consider some photos from past Tricentis APAC events…We hope you feel validated in your convictions to avoid the Tricentis APAC roadshow.

But if that nagging little voice keeps asking, “what if?”, you may as well give in and register already.