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Becoming a Certified Tricentis Tosca Professional

[For an updated version of this article, see Becoming a Certified Tricentis Tosca Automation Specialist]

Starting over with new programs is always a challenge: Becoming familiar with all the new buttons and – dang it – where is that subfolder I created last time?

Tosca, when compared to most other software solutions, is quite easy to understand and handle. This can be seen in the graphical user interface which is rather user-friendly and easy to navigate. This is probably due to the customizable GUI which has a modern design that is familiar to many of us.

To be brief, let us see in the next few lines how easy it can be to get to know Tosca in a relatively short time.

This will be your first contact with the Tricentis Certified Professional training course if you choose it as self-based learning one. As you will see, having selected the course, it is necessary to complete 4 modules and an introduction to get a certificate.

These sections must be done in the same order as illustrated above, because they build on each other block by block.

Each section will be completed upon taking an online quiz, which covers all parts of the module in question. There is also a sample test which is very helpful aid and should be taken before getting sweaty and nervous heading to the first exam. You can do the sample test as often as you wish.

To guide you through the training, you are provided with module presentations and other files which contain all of the information you need to succeed. Probably the most important document you will need however is the student exercise book. It is in this document that you will find the exercises that need to be done to complete the course. The trick is to work through the relevant presentation and do exercises (usually in the Tricentis Tosca of course!) when told to. Some of the exercises will come very easily to you. Others will certainly have you scratching your head. Others still might have you cursing!

So just stay calm, read slowly and precisely. If you are struggling or are not 100% sure about how to approach the exercise, just watch the solution video for the task and it should become clearer.

One of my favorites was the exercise 7 in the TestCaseDesign section. I began to understand how and why to create a structure, but mine was different than the recommended one. I decided then to watch the solution video, which prompted me to attempt the task again.  After some editing of my structure, I got to where I wanted to be.

After hours of studying slides and tackling the challenges set out for me as part of the course, it occurred to me that things were coming together. This allowed me to finally pluck up the courage to attempt the exam where you will…

……hopefully tick the correct boxes!

This example is an obvious question which was answered incorrectly to show you how it shouldn’t look.

It was a challenging trip to get there, but with some effort it is possible to handle all tasks and exams. I managed it and surprised myself by getting 90% on average! Despite being quite worried about the exam beforehand, I realized that my fears were unfounded.

I’m sure you will handle the Tricentis Certified Professional (TCP) and in the end become a proper Pro at using Tosca.

Maybe you can better my score??