Tricentis and QA Symphony Merge


Behind the Tricentis-QASymphony Merger: Q&A with Tricentis COO Dave Keil

Last week QASymphony and Tricentis announced plans to merge to create the industry’s first end-to-end testing platform for DevOps. Following the announcement, we sat down for a Q&A with Tricentis COO (former QASymphony CEO) Dave Keil to get more details about why the companies chose to merge and what customers can expect in the future.

How did Tricentis connect with the QASymphony team?

As digital transformation initiatives gain momentum in Global 2000 organizations, the need to modernize software testing to keep pace with accelerated release timelines has become imperative for business success. Modern testing tools can give these organizations an edge by eliminating QA bottlenecks and enabling organizations to deliver higher quality software, faster. Time after time, we saw Tricentis either short listed or implemented in the same organizations as QASymphony — most often, as the preferred replacement for legacy testing tools like Micro Focus Quality Center.

Insight Venture Partners, which led QASypmphony’s $40 million round of funding last May, has also invested in Tricentis. Our contacts there introduced me to Tricentis’ CEO Sandeep Johri just over a year ago, and I have enjoyed getting to know him since then. By joining forces with a proven innovator like Tricentis, we now have an opportunity to bring our leading-edge solutions to an even broader set of customers.

Why is this merger the right move for the company?

Today, QASymphony is recognized as the industry’s leading test management solution, and Tricentis’ market-leading continuous testing platform has earned the company unanimous leader recognition among the top industry analysts, including Gartner, Forrester and IDC. Together, we are a truly global company with a major presence in North America, Europe and Australia with smaller offices across the globe. Our vision is to provide a continuous testing platform that allows enterprises to transform software testing to accelerate digital transformation. The combination of Tricentis and Tricentis will enable us to deliver unprecedented value to our customers and partners across their software quality initiatives.

The merger is the right move now and will further distance our solutions from the competition. The joint offering not only offers an end-to-end replacement for legacy testing tools like those from Micro Focus, but also offers the modern functionality and open-source integrations that are required for succeeding in today’s fast-paced development environment. There has been a lack of innovation in software testing, as legacy solutions have failed to keep pace with advancements in software development. Tricentis and Tricentis are highly focused on advancing the discipline of software testing, and we are committed to providing a next-gen, tool-agnostic testing solution that is built for continuous software delivery.

Does the Atlanta office have continued plans for growth over the next year?

Tricentis currently has about 95 people at our offices at 550 Pharr Road in Buckhead. We will continue to expand our presence in Atlanta, starting with headcount growth of 30 to 50 percent in the year ahead. To accommodate our expansion, we are working with real estate firm JLL to look for a new, larger space in Atlanta. We expect to move in the first quarter of 2019.

When will we learn more about the companies’ shared future?

Tricentis and Tricentis will outline plans for the integration and enhancement of our products in a series of announcements later this year. At our respective industry conferences, Tricentis Accelerate Vienna 2018 Oct. 9 and Quality Jam London 2018 Oct. 18, we will share our initial joint development efforts. At these major industry events, we will share the results of our initial joint development efforts, as well as our plans to continue to lead innovation in the industry with the most modern continuous testing platform.