Continuous testing

Top 11 Continuous Testing Resources of 2016

Continuous testing has been recognized as essential to the DevOps story, but that is where many software testers and developers get stuck. How do you successfully implement continuous testing into your software life cycle? As the continuous testing company, Tricentis is on a mission to help your enterprise making continuous testing a reality. To make this even easier, we have compiled our top resources on continuous testing from 2016 into one handy list.

The Continuous Testing Revolution

Wolfgang Platz shares his vision for the future of Continuous Testing and the role that exploratory testing, UI test automation, API test automation, service virtualization, and BI/data warehouse testing will play.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Test Automation Tools

Gartner’s latest research on software test automation tools focused on new and differentiating Continuous Testing capabilities. Read the report for their recommendations and 9-tool evaluation.

Forrester Wave for Functional Test Automation

Forrester believes that for Continuous Testing to succeed, we must shift away from UI testing and increase API testing. Read the report for their recommendations and 11-tool evaluation.

The Art of War, or Continuous Testing

According to Sun Tzu, the difference between great and lousy is the ability to maximize the achievement of strategic goals with a limited amount of time and soldiers…or something similar. Erste Bank explains how this concept applies to test managers and Continuous Testing.

Chasing the Continuous Testing Rainbow

The future of software testing summed up in one handy graphic.

Continuous Testing: An 8-Minute Overview

Tricentis’ Ingo Philipp and Roman Zednik share a presentation on how “building in quality and efficiency right from the start” is critical for Continuous Testing.

Beyond Continuous Testing with Forrester

Tricentis’ Wolfgang Platz and Forrester’s Diego Lo Giudice discuss Continuous Testing from the perspective of test architecture and organization. Watch this webinar for insight into the future of software testing.

Mastering Continuous Testing Webinar Series (part 1|part 2|part 3)

This webinar series takes a detailed view at three of the core tenets of Continuous Testing: API testing and service virtualization, risk assessment and test prioritization, and exploratory testing. Watch the series for a solid foundation on how to practically implement Continuous Testing into your enterprise testing.

The Continuous Testing Challenge: Agile Testing for Systems of Record

Many enterprises struggle to adopt Continuous Testing because they cannot reconcile agile methodology with all of their applications. Read this whitepaper to learn how Agile testing can thrive together with your systems of record.

Continuous Testing – Integrating Functional Testing and Performance Testing

Watch this webinar to learn how Tricentis Tosca and Neotys NeoLoad combine both functional and performance testing to enable Continuous Testing.

Continuous Testing – The Missing Link in DevOps

Enterprises have invested significant effort into DevOps to help bring more value to their customers at a faster speed. Read the whitepaper to learn how Continuous Testing provides the essential missing piece to making DevOps a reality.