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7 Can’t Miss Continuous Testing Sessions at Accelerate 2018

As Europe’s largest Continuous Testing conference, you would hope that Accelerate 2018 would offer world-class talks and keynotes on the topic of – you guessed it – Continuous Testing. Well, we’re still finalizing the agenda with cool new topics and industry experts, but we already have such an exciting line up prepared for you that we can’t help but share a sneak peek.

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Take a look at what’s in store at Accelerate 2018:

Test-Impact-Analysis: How to Find New Bugs 100x Faster
Elmar Juergens, TU Munich and CQSE GmbH

Large automated test suites are often too slow for CI. Since their execution is deferred, many defects tend to slip through CI—increasing the time, cost and difficulty required to find and fix them. Test Impact Analysis selects only the tests impacted by code changes made since the last test execution. It then sorts these tests according to their bug discovery potential. This way, it can discover new bugs extremely efficiently. In fact, our tests could identify 80% of failing builds in 1% of the test execution time. This allows for fast CI builds and high bug-detection rates, even for large test suites. This session explains the concepts behind Test Impact Analysis, presents research findings from large case studies and shows how it can be integrated with Tricentis Tosca.

A Strategy for Continuous Testing for Mobile Apps
Eran Kinsbruner, Perfecto

Automation is a key requirement for DevOps success – not just for testing but for the entire release process. Yet, only 16% of tests are automated. With such a low automation, it is nearly impossible to mature CI, CT and CD processes. Automating mobile apps for continuous testing is particularly challenging due to the complex nature of the apps and the environment in which these apps live. Continuously testing your mobile apps is key to releasing apps faster and addressing market events as well as escaped defects. This session will explore the fundamentals of CT for mobile apps—including key differences, selecting tests for CI, and the role of the lab and the test frameworks. We will also demonstrate how to develop and run mobile tests using Tricentis Tosca and Perfecto.

Great Debate: Testers’ Role in DevOps Continuous Testing
Panel Discussion

 It’s obvious that DevOps requires Continuous Testing—but does Continuous Testing require professional testers? Exactly what type of testing is really needed for Agile and DevOps—and can developers and SDETs achieve it better/faster/cheaper than testers? Or, will machine learning and AI take over testing from humans across all roles? Take a deep dive into this discussion during a lively panel debate. In addition to exploring the topics listed above, we’ll also answer the top questions submitted by attendees and the software testing community at large.

Shifting Left Testing at Toll Group with an Automation-First Mindset
Abdiel Mancilla, Toll Group

Shifting left with an automation-first mindset is all about the power of combining the right approach with the right tool. Testing earlier is not enough; you have to use the right tools, techniques and approach to be truly effective and efficient. This session highlights how Tricentis Tosca is enabling a shift-left, automation-first test approach in the biggest IT transformation program at Toll Group. Toll Group will share their strategies for using test case design to achieve the desired coverage and collaborate earlier with Business Analysts and Developers, creating smart-stubs with service virtualization, and enabling early API testing and automation.

AI in Software Testing Battle: A Clash of Clans
Ingo Philipp and Thomas Stocker, Tricentis

Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk all have one thing in common (besides wealth): they’re all terrified of the so-called AI apocalypse, a hypothetical scenario where highly-intelligent machines become our overlords and exterminate mankind. Will AI also take over software testing? Join this session to explore how AI could assist or replace the human tester in specific software testing use cases. AI skeptic Ingo Philipp and AI enthusiast Thomas Stocker will debate the topic, with the ultimate goal of helping you navigate the “AI in software testing” bullshit that’s now common in the marketplace. We want you to walk away prepared to make an informed decision on where AI can truly alleviate your top testing pain points.

Mobile Testing with Emulators, Simulators and Real Devices
Clinton Sprauve, Mobile Evangelist at Sauce Labs

As more users interact with applications through mobile devices, many organizations struggle to integrate Continuous Testing into their DevOps processes. Although mobile testing may seem complex, it can easily be done with a comprehensive strategy that includes real devices, emulators, simulators, and the right testing framework. Join this session to learn how to use emulators, simulators and real devices for Continuous Testing. We’ll cover 1) Why teams need a combination of real devices, emulators and simulators, 2) How to implement Continuous Testing for mobile, 3) What skill set is needed for traditional developers and dev/testers, and 4) The key advantages of mobile automation test frameworks: Appium, Espresso and XCUITest.

AI Testbot as a First-Class Citizen of Continuous Testing
Jae-Jun Hwang Founder & CEO at Embian

 Software QA has been burdened with laborious manual testing for decades. Test automation technologies significantly reduce the repetitive manual work associated with testing, but additional assistance is needed to achieve what’s truly required for Continuous Testing. With recent advances in AI and deep learning, we can build an AI surrogate—a testbot—to address the Continuous Testing pipeline from a new perspective…just like the chatbot is innovating the call center communications. Join this session to explore “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” faces of a few “testbot” implementations. We’ll wrap up a practical use case of how an AI testbot can be a first-class citizen in a Continuous Testing environment.

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