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Continuous Testing: 4 Real-World Success Stories

A lot has been written about the benefits and best practices of Continuous Testing. However it’s not always clear how to make these concepts a reality. Here are a few stellar examples of how several leading organization were able to apply Continuous Testing to remove roadblocks and achieve their organization’s distinct quality goals.

The Middle Child Rises – Testing Evolves to Quality Engineering

Ann Lewis, ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil’s philosophy is centered on safety, security, and controls as the foundation of our 135-year-old company. Based upon our fundamental policy, quality has become a key component in delivering software. We are currently undergoing a shift from traditional project management organizations and support organizations to product teams. This shift has highlighted the need for testing early in the development cycle and to combine new development with ongoing maintenance.

Testing, the team “in the middle”, has become an integral component of the ExxonMobil development lifecycle as “Quality Engineering”.

To do this we started with the basics – quality control manages risk – and then explored what is tracked today and if quality is being measured. Another key activity was to remove the roadblock to continuous testing. In the end, the Quality Engineering team has created the expectation that testing is a part of everyone’s mindset, that continuous testing and deployment can only be accomplished through model-based testing, and that managing quality reduces overall cost of ownership.

Continuous Testing: How Vantiv is Maturing

Sandra Baker, Vantiv

Previously, Vantiv shared their automation journey and how they got started. Now, they share how they are maturing as a QA organization and in the use of Tricentis Tosca.

Their focus has shifted to how they manage and execute their 15,000+ tests. They have focused on unattended execution to achieve maximum benefits. The next step was to further advance in CI/CT/CD and our maturity. To do this, they introduced new metrics and processes.

Finally they are expanding their capabilities to end to end testing, performance testing, user acceptance, service virtualization and big data testing.

How A1 Telekom Austria Speeds up their Delivery with Continuous Testing

Christian Fischl, A1 Telekom Austria & Walter Pindhofer, Qualysoft

The automated tests enable A1 Telekom Austria AG to deploy new features faster and with less risk – this leads to shortened release cycles and more agility. While it is still an ongoing transformation, it has already become a huge success story. This talk is all about A1 Telekom Austria AG’s journey to continuous testing – starting with the first automation to the sometimes tough steps towards automated system regression tests, and a look at the future plans

How Varian Achieved Quality @ Speed in Regulated Environments

Manish Mathuria, Infostretch

In the new world of digital, agile and DevOps, traditional approaches to software delivery no longer apply. Development and testing teams are under immense pressure to deliver quality products at speed. Varian Medical Systems, a leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer, implemented sales and service management solutions using Salesforce, ServiceMax and SAP. To keep up with continuous quality demands in regulated environment, they partnered with Tricentis and Infostretch to automate testing of key processes. This talk highlights Infostretch‘s automation solution using Tricentis Tosca, nuances of testing SaaS models, and key test case, test data, and environment management strategies.