Continuous Testing (and Traveling): Around the World with Tricentis this Month

October promises to be a continuous marathon of Continuous Testing events, from Vienna to Vegas, Paris to London, and Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Wherever you are located, we hope to see you in person or “virtually” at some of the following Continuous Testing events…


Oct 2-4

Anaheim, California USA

If you’re attending StarWest, start off at the welcome reception Tuesday at 4:30, so you’ll have your custom-printed testing t-shirt ready to wear throughout the conference.  We’re also excited to be delivering two conference sessions: Rediscover Exploratory Testing by Ingo Philipp, and DevOps/Agile Leaders vs Laggards: New Forrester Research on What Software Testing Practices and Metrics Really Matter by Wayne Ariola.

Stop by our booth to share your feedback on the sessions and learn about the latest innovations in software testing (including qTest agile test management and Flood load testing, as well as model-based test automation, risk-based testing, exploratory testing, and more). We’ll also be giving away an Oculus…but you certainly don’t know anyone who would want one of those, right?

SAP TechEd

October 2- 5

Las Vegas, Nevada USA

SAP TechEd focuses on providing a hands-on learning experience—with direct access to SAP experts who can help you understand what’s needed to make your organization’s digital transformation goals become a reality. If “ensuring that SAP upgrades don’t bring continuous headaches” is important to you, then you might want to stop by our booth (#307) and learn about the #1 Continuous Testing platform for SAP solutions. We’ll be happy to tell you all about…

Scriptless test automation that achieves 90%+ test automation rates for all the latest SAP technologies and solutions

  • A game-changing new approach to load testing for SAP Fiori
  • GDPR-compliant test data management for SAP testing
  • Automated data warehouse testing for SAP (SAP BI/BW)
  • Gartner’s latest research on enterprise end-to-end testing for SAP

Oh—and you might win a Les Paul guitar too (don’t worry, we’ll ship it to you).

StarWest Virtual Summit

Oct 3

Your Desk

You don’t have to travel to Disneyland to benefit from StarWest. You can 2 days worth of sessions from the comfort of your desk. Register for the StarWest Virtual Conference to catch 2 days full of sessions from industry experts such as Adam Satterfield, Eran Kinsbruner, and Wayne Ariola.

Tune in Wednesday at 12:45 PDT, to watch DevOps/Agile Leaders vs Laggards: New Forrester Research on What Software Testing Practices and Metrics Really Matter.  This session by Wayne Ariola, author of Continuous Testing for IT Leaders, provides a detailed analysis of recent Forrester research findings—including the 20 most important quality metrics that separate DevOps/Agile experts from their less advanced peers. All attendees will gain complimentary access to the complete report.

Why Manual Testing Creates a Bottleneck in SAP Environments

October 3

Your desk

Do you still rely on manual SAP testing?  Learn why it’s time to modernize your testing process—and get expert recommendations on how to get started. Join SAP analyst Paul Gerrard and Tricentis’ Anand Akela for the webinar Why manual testing creates a bottleneck in SAP environments. We’ll explore the latest SAP testing research and introduce strategies that will help your organization simplify end-to-end testing across your key business processes.


October 9-10

Vienna, Austria — Or Your Desk

Software testing leaders from around the world will be gathering in Vienna on October 9-10 to discuss what’s needed to meet the changing expectations associated with digital transformation. With over 2 days of continuous testing sessions—often with 6 tracks running in parallel and events from morning to late night— Accelerate 2018 is bound to be an unforgettable immersion experience.

If you can’t make it in person, don’t despair. We’re confident that the Accelerate livestream will give you a taste of what you’re missing— from a Continuous Testing perspective at least. Although we can’t give you the Danube, the Opera House, the cafes, schnitzels, and so on, we will be bringing a steady stream of Continuous Testing sessions straight to your desktop (or mobile or tablet).  Just register for the Accelerate livestream, and tune in on Tuesday, October 9, starting at 9:00 am CEST.

DevOps REX

October 16

Paris, France

If you speak French, are near (or want to visit) Paris, and want to learn about DevOps, this is the conference for you.  It’s dedicated to practitioner feedback and real-world applications of DevOps in the enterprise, including its benefits but also drawbacks and failures. We’re excited to be exhibiting at this special event, in Paris’ historical cinema, the biggest theatre in Europe. If you’re there, stop by our booth and say “bonjour.”

Quality Jam London

October 18

London, UK

On October 18, 2018, industry leaders and practitioners will gather in London, UK to talk about the future of software quality. This one-day event brings is designed to provide you with ideas, insights and practical knowledge to help you improve the quality of software that your company creates. This year’s lineup includes sessions on quality leadership, the psychosocial tester, anti-patterns in testing, BDD, and numerous tales of Agile transformations.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from some of the brightest minds in software development and testing. Get 20% off your ticket using the discount code “Tricentis20”

DevOps Enterprise Summit

October 22-24

Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Throughout the show, our booth will be featuring the latest strategies for transforming testing for DevOps.  However, you will likely also find us silently slipping into the great sessions that are on the agenda, from well-known industry names such Gene Kim, Mik Kersten, and Anders Wallgren to up-and-coming stars like Tatiana Salazar,  IT Manager at Experian.

On Monday, Tatiana will be sharing how Experian transformed their testing process to uphold their stringent quality standards while accelerating delivery with DevOps. She will cover what changes were required to prevent testing from throttling DevOps speed, how they started phasing in these changes in across the complex global organization, and what’s next for expanding the scale and scope and of their DevOps quality.

Continuous Testing: The Path Forward for Agile and DevOps

October 30

Your Desk

Interest in Continuous Testing has been growing for 5 years now—yet the more we talk about it, the more polarized the discussion becomes. Complicating the conversation is the fact that Agile and DevOps are both driving the need for Continuous Testing, but both require distinctly different things from a quality perspective.

Join two of the industry’s top Continuous Testing experts for a lively discussion on what’s really required for Continuous Testing in the context of Agile and DevOps. Join Eran Kinsbruner (author of Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals) and Wayne Ariola (author of Continuous Testing for IT Leaders) as they explore:

  • How DevOps and Agile change the game for testing
  • Which elements of Continuous Testing are absolutely essential for Agile and DevOps
  • The top myths, misconceptions, and mistakes surrounding Continuous Testing
  • Strategies for measuring Continuous Testing progress and ROI

Beyond the Script Apocalypse

October 31

Your Desk

What’s scary this Halloween? The Script-ocalyspe! The horrific hours spent wrestling with scripts when you have so many more important things to do. The battles with zombie scripts left behind after their creator moves on. And the fear that even a minor script extension or “tweak” could bring your critical software delivery process to a dead stop.

Join Electric Cloud and Tricentis as they share hard-won lessons that can help any organization climb out of their scripting hole—for both software test automation and the software delivery pipeline. You’ll learn how scriptless and model-based automation can help you escape the script maintenance trap—enabling you to:

  • Dedicate more time to creative tasks
  • Increase process robustness and scalability
  • Achieve a new level of process visibility and control

Tricentis Asia Pacific Roadshow

October 24- November 1

Singapore / Wellington / Melbourne / Brisbane / Canberra / Sydney

Tricentis is taking all the latest in software testing innovations, trends, best practices, and news across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore this year. You’ll get the first look at things like new Agile test management, BDD, load testing, and test data management strategies.

The roadshow is your opportunity to get the latest scoop on what’s new and what to expect on the product roadmap—straight from the product team. This year promises to be particularly exciting, given Tricentis’ recent merger with QASymphony and acquisition of Q-up test data management.