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Tricentis + QASymphony: Accelerating Continuous Testing for Enterprise DevOps

We’re excited to announce that Tricentis and QASymphony are merging under the name of Tricentis. QASymphony’s 100+ employees will be joining Tricentis’ 450+ employees. Sandeep Johri will lead the organization as CEO and Dave Keil will assume the role of COO. The combined company will have a global presence with offices in the US, EMEA, and Asia.

Tricentis’ innovative Continuous Testing platform has earned us unanimous “leader” recognition among the top industry analysts. QASymphony is recognized as the industry’s leading test management solution. The combined solution represents the industry’s most modern platform for transforming software testing to keep pace with Enterprise DevOps.

The integration will reflect the commitment to innovation and customer success that both companies share—to learn more watch the on-demand webinar. Additionally, we’ll be showcasing the roadmap and solution at Accelerate 2018 in Vienna.

Continuous Testing is Imperative

It’s no secret that Continuous Testing has become imperative—especially now that 97% of organizations have adopted Agile and 71% are practicing or adopting DevOps (Sauce Labs). New Forrester research confirms that Continuous Testing is one of the key factors separating Agile/DevOps leaders from Agile/DevOps laggards. Nevertheless, most enterprises still don’t have a mature, sustainable Continuous Testing process in place.

Actually, most don’t even have a substantial degree of test automation, which is a critical component of Continuous Testing. Test automation rates vary across surveys—from around 50% at SMBs focused on web and mobile development, to well under 20% at larger enterprises with more complex architectures and business processes. This clearly is not sufficient. Across surveys, software testing is consistently cited as the primary bottleneck in application delivery. Not surprisingly, organizations with high levels of manual testing are twice as likely to report that testing is a bottleneck than organizations with more automated testing processes (per Forrester).

Is it a coincidence that application delivery speeds are stalling at exactly the same time that test automation rates are also hitting a wall? We don’t think so. Broader adoption of test automation and Continuous Testing is key for taking delivery speed to the next level.

Accelerating the Continuous Testing Journey

QASymphony and Tricentis are merging to make Continuous Testing a reality—for enterprises as well as “unicorns.” We know what’s needed to establish a mature Continuous Testing process, and—with our combined resources—we can help you establish and optimize your Continuous Testing process faster than ever. You can:

  • Dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with creating and maintaining tests
  • Achieve unprecedented (90%+) levels of test automation
  • Prioritize testing efforts to achieve high risk coverage as efficiently as possible
  • Gain real-time visibility and control with integrated testing across all the application stacks, testing practices, and tools used by modern enterprises

If you want to learn about the vision for Tricentis+QASymphony integration, I encourage you to watch the short video interview that we just recorded. Additionally, here’s a quick look at the combined company:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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