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Dear Dr. Tosca: SAP Testing

Editor’s Note: In the spirit of the famous advice columns of the past, one of our Tricentis Tosca experts has started their our own column: Dear Dr. Tosca. Have questions for Dr. Tosca?  Send them our way in the comments! 


Dear Dr. Tosca,

My company has just implemented a new ERP system that you may have heard of: SAP.  With all of SAP’s constant upgrades, service packs and enhancement packages, on top of all of our current customizations, is there a way to make sure that maintenance is a breeze?


SAP Newbie


Dear SAP Newbie,

The starting point for an easy-to-maintain test portfolio is a risk based approach. If you know which test cases cover which amount of your business risk, then you are able to prioritize your testing tasks and decide where and how much effort to invest.

SAP has a release strategy which enables them to react to the current trends of data- and people-driven IT rather quickly.  On the one hand, SAP customers benefit from the higher innovation pace. On the other hand, as you already discovered, shorter release cycles increase the need for testing and the maintenance effort.

In order to keep your SAP portfolio maintainable, you need to keep it as redundancy-free as possible. This means that you should re-use your test assets wherever possible, and build redundancy free test cases by focusing on your business testing needs. In this way, you are able to significantly minimize the maintenance effort.

Another thing you should take care of is the test data. Due to the complexity of business processes in SAP, it is really important to efficiently handle your test data. Testers require data objects (debitors/creditors, material stock in warehouses, etc.) in certain states to meet their testing needs. This means that you need a possibility to easily generate data objects and track their state changes. On top of that, you need to have the desired test data prepared and ready-for-use in time.

So be careful when choosing an SAP testing tool. Ideally you should choose a tool which offers everything you need out of the box like the Tricentis Tosca. If you choose the right tool, maintenance will actually be a breeze.