DevOps luminaries delve into community, Kubernetes, and even karate


Emma Peet

Growth Content Marketing Manager

Date: Jun. 10, 2021

As the host of the new Tricentis podcast, Transformation in 10, I’m delighted that we’ve already reached a big milestone – 1,000 listeners tuning from across the globe! If you haven’t tuned in yet, each espresso shot-sized episode gives you an eye-opening look at what’s needed to successfully steer application development transformations.

Every month we theme our conversations around the latest hot topics in software testing. In May DevOps was our focus, as this approach is now reaching every corner of every organization. Its emphasis on shortening release cycles and breaking down barriers between development and IT operations has become absolutely essential – even for “systems of record” like SAP – now that digital transformation has shifted into overdrive.

In our DevOps episodes, I had the pleasure of speaking with two true experts in the field – Alan Shimel (Founder, CEO, and Editor in Chief at and Tracy Ragan (CEO and Co-Founder of DeployHub). Here’s your overview of these episodes, which you can listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Episodes 7 and 8: Alan Shimel at reveals how to tap the thriving DevOps community

The fact that Alan Shimel (Founder, CEO, and Editor in Chief at owns the domain speaks to his prowess in this practice. Shimel tackles the conundrum of the ever-changing definition of DevOps, and guides us through its journey from conception to how you can best apply it today – and beyond.

Shimel hosts many award-winning series such as DevOps Unbound, so it was a luxury to get him on the other side of the mic this time around, sharing his fondest moments from the show. It is incredibly encouraging to hear about the collaborative nature of the DevOps community, which he reflects on in this snippet:

Listen to this two-part conversation with Alan in Part 1 and Part 2.

Episode 9: Tracy Ragan at DeployHub talks Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, and karate

Tracy Ragan, Co-Founder and CEO of DeployHub and more, covers an impressive range of transformation topics in just 15 minutes! Ragan gets to the heart of how DevOps should be applied, divulges exciting software testing innovations on the horizon for CI/CD pipelines, and stresses the importance of embracing change to turbocharge your digital transformations.

Ragan’s top-tier advice even extends to advising every woman to try Shotokan karate, after having completed her black belt and realizing “it really does teach you something about interacting in a male world.“

Ragan also shares that her applicant development utopia would be a world where we stop relying on one-off scripts, and tells an enlightening story to hammer this notion home. Get a taste of the tale below:

Listen to the full episode with Tracy.

The cloud is coming up next

In our latest episodes we cover the cloud, which is at the top of mind for many of you as we speak. I chat with cloud connoisseurs Cornelia Davis (CTO at Weaveworks) and Grigori Melnik (CPO at Tricentis). You can already listen to the two-part episode with Davis, where she doesn’t shy away from sharing the benefits and risks of the cloud environment. Listen to this two-part conversation with Davis in Part 1 and Part 2.

We release a new episode every two weeks, so check for the latest episodes.

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Some feedback so far:

“Thank you for sharing very successful business-driven testing approaches.” – Nicolas Laigle, CEO and Founder at Athenco

“A professionally executed brand podcast that not only shares thought-provoking information, but also key topics that are relevant and on point!” Mariëtte Snyman, Director at Tricentis

“So much fun to spend 30 minutes with the Tricentis team.” – Tracy Ragan, CEO and Co-Founder of DeployHub and podcast guest


Emma Peet

Growth Content Marketing Manager

Date: Jun. 10, 2021

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