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Accelerate 2018 Highlights: Digital Transformation Requires Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing [boom boom boomp] Continuous Testing [boom boom boomp] Continuous Testing [boom boom boomp] 

If you were among the 2000+ attendees at Tricentis Accelerate—now Europe’s largest software testing conference—you probably can’t get that loop out of your head (thanks  and @AndySturrock!) Don’t know what we’re talking about? Just watch the highlight video below and you’ll soon be infected by it like the rest of us.

From the keynotes, to the Continuous Testing success stories, to the rapping and beatboxing, Accelerate 2018 was all about loops. Many enterprise organizations remain stuck in a seemingly infinite loop: testing with the same practices and tools that they’ve used for decades. However, as the opening keynote sequence by Sandeep Johri (CEO, Tricentis), Clark Golestani (former CIO, Merck), and Andy Sturrock (CIO, British Petroleum) underscored, the world has changed…dramatically. Digital transformation is driving DevOps and scaled Agile initiatives, which are, in turn, changing the game for software testing.

As the signage, videos, and session after session emphasized, the new world of Digital Transformation requires a new loop: Continuous Testing.

Many software testing professionals have made it their personal mission to lead that change—and we were honored to feature their insights at Tricentis Accelerate:

  • Fearless QA leaders who reinvented testing across enterprise organizations shared their strategies for crafting a Continuous Testing game plan, orchestrating the initial adoption across people process, and technologies, and then optimizing and scaling the initiative to achieve remarkable results.
  • Leading testing organizations outlined their vision for elevating the role of the tester and re-imagining the testing process as a whole.
  • Testing tool vendors and researchers joined forces to present their latest discoveries and innovations, as well as provide a glimpse at what’s on the horizon.

Add in a brilliant Wolfgang Platz Continuous Testing keynote that kept the standing-room-only crowd captivated from start to finish, a lively debate on the role of testers (and testing) in DevOps, and a book signing of Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals, and (we hope) you can understand why Accelerate has become the “can’t miss” event for software testing professionals committed to adopting and optimizing Continuous Testing.

Accelerate: The Twitter Tour

Given that we offset 72 sessions of pretty intense software testing best practices and strategies with beatboxers, rappers, retro gaming stations, and parties at two unforgettable palaces, we weren’t all that surprised to hear feedback like “this is not your usual software testing conference.” That being said, we thought we’d close this recap blog in a non-traditional way as well: a look at some of the top tweets about the event…

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