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End-to-End Continuous Testing at DevOps East 2017

Techwell’s annual DevOps East conference gives attendees the opportunity to learn from the success—and mistakes—of their peers when challenged with scaling DevOps and agile initiatives. And, with DevOps East only one week away, we’ve scoured the conference program to pull out some of the sessions we’re looking forward to most.

Tricentis is proud to be a gold sponsor of this year’s event, along with our friends at Panaya. Stop by our booth for a look at why scriptless testing is a requirement for accelerated release cycles, and you can also find us at the sessions below, recording interviews, and chatting with anyone who wants to talk testing!

Here are our picks for the top 5 “can’t-miss” sessions at DevOps East 2017…

Service Virtualization for Faster Development and Testing

Wayne Ariola and Alexander Mohr, @tricentis

Obviously, we’re a little biased, but for anyone looking for a great tutorial on Monday, November 6th, we highly recommend attending this presentation from our own Wayne Ariola and Alexander Mohr. These two have nearly 40 combined years of software testing experience and will share why service virtualization (SV) is mandatory for true end-to-end testing. You’ll also take home clear, actionable steps for starting SV in your own organization.

Essential Patterns of Mature Agile Teams

Bob Galen, @bobgalen

There’s a reason Bob Galen is a fixture at nearly all of Techwell’s shows—and others around the globe—he’s a phenomenal agile coach and public speaker. As enterprise software portfolios grow, and become more distributed, and more complex, maintaining agility…is not easy. Bob’s tutorial on the “thinking models of mature agile teams” should be a great one.

What DevOps Means for Testers

Jeffrey Payne, @Coveros

Jeffery Payne is another well-respected Techwell conference regular and will give his take on a fairly hot-button issue. At DevOps’ inception, many testers wondered why they were left out of the equation, but as Jeffery will show—that’s not the case. In fact, DevOps gives testers a larger opportunity to contribute more to software quality and business growth than perhaps they’ve ever had before. This session will detail how DevOps “empowers teams to remove impediments to quality and productivity throughout the entire software lifecycle.”

Put Agile to the Test: A Case Study for Test Agility on a Large IT Project

Todd Jones,

One of the biggest challenges that testers, engineers, and IT operations professionals face today is around the growing dependencies between greenfield development and legacy or traditional applications. Bimodal IT bottlenecks put agility, time to market, and software quality at risk, so we’re really looking forward to Todd Jones’ case study on how he and Westfield Insurance directly applied principles form the Agile Manifesto to a massive IT program.

Transform Test Organizations for the New World of DevOps

Sumit Kumar, @Capgemini

While some still debate the “true” definition of DevOps, one area that everyone agrees on is that DevOps brings massive shifts to culture, processes, and team structure. This structural transformation requires buy-in and trust from entire organizations—from executive leadership to practitioners. Sumit Kumar’s session promises real-world examples of how to solve many of the challenges that teams starting DevOps journeys are almost guaranteed to face.

We hope you get a lot of out of DevOps East 2017, and that you’ll stop by the Tricentis expo booth to learn more about what makes Tricentis Tosca the leading continuous testing platform.