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Exploratory Testing for Jira: Now on Atlassian Marketplace

If your team uses Atlassian Jira and wants to jumpstart, scale, or streamline exploratory testing, we’d like to introduce you to the first native exploratory testing add-on for Jira. Exploratory Testing for Jira is now available on Atlassian Marketplace.

Exploratory Testing for Jira helps you optimize exploratory testing with simplified planning, documentation, and reporting. Your team can easily plan test sessions, automatically record test actions with annotated screenshots and videos, and instantly share detailed results—directly from Atlassian Jira. This facilitates collaboration and ensures fast quality feedback for Agile and DevOps.

The Tricentis Tosca software testing tool is not required to use the add-on. However, if you do choose to use both Tricentis Tosca and the Exploratory Testing for Jira add-on, you can import results into Tricentis Tosca—where exploratory test results are integrated with the outcomes from your complete test portfolio.

You can start a 30-day trial now to learn how Exploratory Testing for Jira can help your team:

  • Focus on testing, not documentation
  • Involve a broad array of team members in testing
  • Expose defects that elude automated testing
  • Ensure rapid, accurate defect reproduction

Why Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory testing helps Agile teams rapidly and reliably deliver comprehensive feedback on the application under test. The semi-structured nature of Tricentis Exploratory Testing provides the flexibility needed to keep pace with constant change—and helps teams provide valuable quality feedback even if testing time/resources are limited.

“In response to the rising demand for new and innovative software, development teams shifted their software development processes to become more agile and iterative,” said Wolfgang Platz, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Tricentis.  “This means that there must also be a fundamental change in the way we test software.  We have found that exploratory testing is vital for accelerating test cycles and keeping pace with release expectations.”

Why Tricentis Exploratory Testing for Jira?

Tricentis Exploratory Testing frees testers to focus on testing without worrying about preparing documentation. Test actions are captured automatically with screenshots and videos which can be annotated—reducing the time required to document test actions and issues by 80 to 90%.

With the Tricentis Exploratory Testing add-on, teams can plan and timebox sessions, write charters, define test objectives, invite team members, and add related artifacts directly from the Atlassian Jira environment.  A broad array of team members—QA, developers, UX specialists, technical writers, product owners, business analysts, etc.—can be invited to participate, and they can immediately start testing with the click of a button. Session owners gain a quick overview of session results and progress, while all participating testers get instant access to all the details required for testing.

To facilitate rapid defect reproduction and resolution, session owners can instantly send the responsible developer detailed information about each session and the issues it uncovered—including specific test steps and system information. This simplifies defect reproduction so each issue can be addressed promptly and accurately. Annotated screenshots and videos help developers zero in on the issues and understand the tester’s perspective.

“Our primary goal with this Jira add-on was to elevate exploratory testing to the enterprise level, helping organizations extend their exploratory testing best practices and tooling across cross-functional teams and marry it with their preferred issue/project management environment,” explained Ingo Philipp, Tricentis product manager. “It empowers seamless collaboration on testing without extensive planning. We’re enabling a semi-structured, session-based exploratory testing approach that’s the perfect complement to test automation—helping teams rapidly and reliably deliver fast quality feedback in today’s accelerated development environments.”

Getting Started with Tricentis Exploratory Testing for Jira

The tool can be downloaded now at the Exploratory Testing for Jira page on the Atlassian Marketplace. Additional information can be found on the Tricentis Exploratory Testing Tools page, and a detailed demonstration is available on demand at Exploratory Testing for Atlassian Jira


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