Continuous testing

Highlights from Accelerate 2017, the Continuous Testing Conference

Tricentis‘ Continuous Testing conference, Accelerate, started just over a decade ago with a small gathering of 80 people meeting at the Tricentis office headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

This year at Tricentis’ 11th Accelerate, we had over a thousand attendees–making it Europe’s largest software testing conference. We’ve come a long way since that first Accelerate.

Every year we look forward to Accelerate as a way to bring together innovators, practitioners, Tricentis Tosca users, business experts, thought leaders, and more for a dynamic conversation on the future of software testing. Accelerate 2017 was no exception, with over 30 speakers, 40 exhibition booths, 9 keynote sessions, and 6 workshops, all centered around the imperative of software testing in digital transformation.

Picking a favorite talk or moment in all that awesomeness is nearly impossible, but we’re up for the challenge. Here are some of our Accelerate 2017 highlights:

Wolfgang Platz’s, “Digital Transformation: Navigating the Future of Testing”

Tricentis’ Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Wolfgang Platz is well-known for his inspiring presentations and visionary outlook on software testing. His passion and thought leadership have made his keynote the most anticipated part of Accelerate each year.

Accelerate 2017 was no different. Despite the early morning start time, the keynote room was packed!  Everyone (from the coveted seats, to the not-so-comfortable floor, to the livestream viewing parties across the globe) watched intently as Wolfgang tackled topics such as why test automation fails (and what’s needed to succeed), what GDPR means to testers, and testing in the age of blockchain, IoT, and AI.

Watch his full keynote here:

Todd Pierce, “What CxO’s Really Think About Testing”

At Accelerate, we spend a lot of time talking about the future of software testing. Yet,  as most conference attendees could tell you, one of the biggest struggles of software testing is executive buy-in. It is not also always easy to convince a CxO why test automation and test case design matter.

Todd Pierce’s keynote was notable for his ability to strike directly at the heart of this challenge. The truth is, most CxOs don’t think about testing at all until a high-profile application problem hits the headlines, impacting brand reputation, personal reputation, and the bottom line.

Coming from Todd, this insight means a lot. Pierce is a member of Tricentis’ Growth Advisory Board, a Healthcare and Life Sciences Board Member and Executive, and the former Chief Digital Offer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – to name just a few accomplishments. His insight on how to convince a CxO of the value of testing is worth taking notes on.

Watch the full keynote here:

Flood IO Load Testing

Tricentis proudly announced the acquisition of ground-breaking Load Testing company, Flood IO, earlier in 2017. Then everything went a bit quiet…Why? Because Tricentis and Flood were working hard on Tricentis Tosca Flood, a new component of the Tricentis’ Continuous Testing platform that is poised to revolutionize performance testing. The hotly anticipated details on Tricentis Tosca Flood were announced with fanfare at Accelerate 2017, with Wolfgang Platz stating:

“What is even more exciting [than Flood IO’s current SaaS based load testing capabilities] is where we are going to take this partnership in the future. We are talking about Continuous Load Testing. The full reuse of your functional test automation in the load testing space. This isn’t just going to save you a lot of effort, this is nothing less than opening the door to make load testing part of your continuous integration.”

Watch Tim Koopmans, of Flood IO, introduce the concept of Browser-Based Load Testing (with “Browser Level Users”) in his talk at Accelerate here:

Accenture, “Does Diversity Matter in Testing?”

Accenture’s Jeff Wilkinson led a group presentation on the ultra-relevant issue of diversity and discrimination in the IT sector. The area of software testing is uniquely impacted by a lack of diversity, because as a discipline and art form, it benefits greatly from a wide variety of perspectives. In fact, as exploratory testing shows, the more creatively you can approach software testing, the more effective your testing can be.

Jeff played a moving video during his keynote on the importance of diversity and inclusion. It is a message that we, at Tricentis, proudly stand with. Diversity matters, and #InclusionStartsWithI.

The Blue vs. Green War

Accelerate 2017 upped the ante for conference-wide games by splitting attendees into two teams: Green and Blue. To win points, attendees participated in challenges and activities like submitting feature ideas for Tricentis Tosca, sharing their views on Continuous Testing, completing tours of the exhibition floor, and tweeting their hearts out. Scoring was tracked throughout the entire conference and frequent updates kept the level of competition high.

The teams were neck-in-neck but the Blue team pulled ahead, winning all of the Blue team attendees present at the conference an Amazon Dot.