How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Go to Accelerate 2018

Even smart, accomplished professionals can find negotiations daunting. Not everyone is comfortable going to their managers with a request — even one as valid as attending Europe’s biggest Continuous Testing conference.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help. Copy and paste this handy template email below, shoot it off to your boss, and chances are they’ll be asking you to go to Accelerate 2018. No power-posing required.

Dear [Insert Name Here],

I would like to attend Accelerate 2018, taking place October 9-10 in Vienna, Austria. This is Tricentis’ premier global technical and networking event. Attending will provide me with immediate direct results including:

    • Enhanced technical skills
    • A more complete understanding of the Tosca landscape for the features our team employs
    • Facilitated networking and sessions so I can gain contacts with peers to share knowledge
  • An opportunity to bring back to the office knowledge and materials that will benefit the team.

Accelerate provides a robust agenda. The event offers numerous educational sessions, networking opportunities, and interactive ways to connect and engage with Tricentis’ technology and innovation experts. Attending the event will give me the opportunity to:

    • Bring back knowledge, new tips and techniques that we can put to use right away.
    • Gain insights from Tricentis customers’ real-life experiences and best practices.
    • Meet with Tricentis Tosca experts and developers. Connect with other IT professionals in my role and our industry.
  • Enhance my skills and accelerate my professional development.

Here is an overview of the costs:

Airfare: $_______
Hotel Accommodation per day: $_______
Registration Fee: 79 Euros until Sept. 17
Expenses (lunch is included for the conference): $_______
Projected Total Costs: $_______

I think you will agree that the practical, educational, and networking benefits of attending Accelerate 2018 will help advance our business plans and performance and will prove extremely valuable for me and [Company Name]. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kindest Regards,

[Insert Your Name Here]

(Published with permission by the original author, James Senecal.)