How to jumpstart success with qTest agile test management


Tricentis Staff

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Date: Mar. 15, 2021

By Jennifer Fletcher, Education Manager, AMS, Academy Team

We’ve noticed a surge of interest in Tricentis qTest lately, with centralized test management being key in facilitating collaboration, increasing efficiency, and accelerating testing cycles. qTest is an extremely flexible and extensible tool that an increasing number of quality leaders are adopting, from Dell to Guardian to McKesson.

Its versatility is a huge benefit when you’re looking for a solution that supports your specific quality needs and integrates seamlessly with your best-of-breed DevOps toolchain. But if you’re new to qTest, all the different options might seem a bit overwhelming at first.

To help you navigate the path to becoming a qTest pro, we’ve gathered a set of resources that have enabled hundreds of teams to achieve their initial goals, fast. This includes a certification program, video guides, and more!

Getting started with Tricentis qTest: tutorials for admins

If you’re the admin, this playlist will walk you through the initial steps, from adding users to configuring notifications, workflows, and key settings.

If you’re setting up an on-premises environment, see our Getting Started with qTest On-Premises playlist.

Tricentis qTest certification

Now that you’ve set up qTest and feel confident in the administration areas, dive into the qTest Specialist certification course. This program provides a step-by-step guide through qTest Manager and sets you up for success in about 8 hours. It features exercises you can practice on your own timeline, with a final exam to test your knowledge and provide the official certification.

Introduction to Tricentis qTest test automation (with qTest Launch)

Feel proficient in the qTest basics? If you’re ready to move forward, the following video provides a great introduction to how qTest Launch helps you manage, schedule, kick off, and report on automated tests.

Tricentis qTest webinars and instructor-led training

For some additional hands-on support in your learning, join our monthly webinars and/or sign up for instructor-led trainings. Here’s what some customers have said about them:

Very helpful to see the live demo on how to use the tool along with best practices followed!” – Nivedita Ramani, Senior QA Analyst

“The webinars are always very comprehensive and show how things relate and link together.” - University of Maryland

Your success is our success

It might sound like a cliché, but we firmly believe that we cannot be successful if your team is not successful. That’s why we have an entire Customer Experience organization dedicated to ensuring, accelerating, and scaling your success. Visit our Customer Success area to learn about the various programs and tools available to advance your success—or just reach out to your Tricentis representative and we’ll set you up.


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Mar. 15, 2021