Introducing Custom Test Steps to Tricentis qTest


Or Geva

Product Manager

As an engineering leader, you probably have some test design or execution needs that are specific to your organization or team. For more granular control over your testing processes and to ensure adherence to auditing and compliance standards, you need the ability to customize test steps within your test cases. You’re not alone. Many Tricentis qTest users agree — greater ability to customize test steps is one of the most frequently requested features in the Tricentis UserVoice feedback portal.

In qTest 11.2, we’re introducing Custom Test Steps. Enterprise organizations already use Tricentis qTest to centralize their test management, helping them to standardize testing practices for their teams and scale them across the business. The ability to add custom test steps and data to test cases will better help our customers meet their needs.

Introducing Custom Test Steps

Custom Test Steps can now be embedded into the current Site Field UI within qTest Manager, adding seamless integration and use for our users. Custom Test Steps are managed by your administrator (usually a QA Lead or testing manager) and provide the ability to create up to two new customizable columns when creating a test step. These custom columns and fields will help you easily track and apply unique data to your test steps, via a rich text editor or with combo boxes. Once custom test steps and fields are configured, they will apply to all test cases past, present, and future.

To use Custom Test Steps, navigate to the Administrator view in the upper right-hand menu. From there, navigate to the “Site Field” tab, and then to “Test Step” under the Artifacts menu. On the right-hand side you will see a button for “Add Custom Field,” which will open a pop-up to create your custom field column. You will be given the option of either a rich text editor or a combo box. Once you have added your fields, your “Test Step” page should look something like this:

Admin View:

qTest Custom Steps admin view


User view:

qTest Custom Steps user view


Get started with Custom Test Steps

The Custom Test Steps feature is already available as part of the qTest 11.2 release to all qTest SaaS users and will be delivered to our qTest On-Premises users with our next on-premises release later this year. If you are not a current qTest customer and would love to try this feature, check out qTest with a free trial.


Or Geva