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Product Update: Introducing a New TestPad Experience

Tricentis is proud to introduce updates to TestPad. Here’s a heads up about all the goodies you’ll be getting.

TestPad is Tricentis’s execution notepad that houses all of a user’s test run details and results. After having countless discussions with our customers on how the TestPad could be improved for a better execution experience, we knocked out a list of enhancements and usability improvements that came directly from real user feedback.

Rich Text Now Available in Test Steps

When designing the perfect test case, the content of your test steps is arguably the most important part. With that in mind, we wanted to give our customers an easy way to craft their test steps with a new Rich Text editor. The Rich Text Format is available for test design and test execution, so feel free to let your step creatively run wild.

More Details During Execution

When running a test, the details are important. From test case priority to environment properties, details help guide and clarify areas to explore in the application. Our new TestPad interface comes with more data from test case design properties, easier ways to view attachments, and a simpler way to drag and drop attachments during test execution.

Automatic Time Capture

Manually logging your actual test time can prove to be unreliable. That’s why we’ve made capturing the actual time it took to execute a test an automatic feature. Now, whenever you have time tracking turned on, qTest Manager with automatically log your time results when you save your test run.

Inline Rich Text Editing

Editing steps and resizing columns has never been easier. Before, TestPad required you to open a new window each time you wanted to edit a test step during run time, and you could not resize columns. Now, you are able to do inline, rich text editing without a pesky pop-up. If your columns are getting too wide or narrow you can now resize them for a better customized view.

More Control on Mass Status Updates

Applying step statuses in bulk is a helpful way to quickly mark execution results. This is great if all steps relate back to one status, but that’s not always the case. Instead of forcing you to apply one status to all steps, you can now multi-select which steps you want to update and apply in bulk. We hope this cuts down the number of status selections and helps you accomplish more test runs.

View More Test Steps

Some of our customers have lots of steps, and we mean lots! Therefore, only displaying a max of 50 steps per page isn’t ideal. We now have the option to choose from 10, 20, 50, 100, or 200 steps to be displayed on one page. This gives testers a clear view of the majority of their steps without having to move to the next page.

Precondition Awareness

In the old TestPad, we hid the precondition from the view of the tester. This proved to be inefficient since testers usually need to see the precondition before executing the subsequent steps. We have now added the precondition as step zero in order to quickly reference and edit the precondition from the execution view.

TestPad updates will be available to current qTest customers as part of the qTest Manager 9.1. Stay tuned for more details, or check out the release notes on our support site.