Introducing NeoLoad 7.2


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Jan. 30, 2020

Tricentis NeoLoad, the market-leading continuous performance testing solution, has just released version 7.2.

What’s new in this release?

  • Citrix: NeoLoad now offers the most reliable, simplest, and quickest way to performance test Citrix.
  • License management: NeoLoad offers more flexibility around sharing licenses.

The highlights in a nutshell:

Citrix support

NeoLoad now can record and replay Citrix-deployed applications. The set of Citrix actions is compact and consistent for better readability and easier script maintenance. Design faster with NeoLoad’s live detection of texts and get a more reliable text recognition at runtime with modern and configurable optical character recognition (OCR) engine (based on neural networks).

Changes since the beta version:

  • Windows Interactive logon is now possible
  • Various UI improvements and bug fixes

License key management

Split licenses between several NeoLoad Web accounts

An enterprise license can now be split between several NeoLoad Web accounts and/or instances (on-premises or SaaS) for a given duration and a given number of licensed VUs.

Offline lease with NeoLoad Web

In order to test from isolated environments, a NeoLoad controller can already request a lease from an enterprise license installed in NeoLoad Team Server with an offline process. A NeoLoad controller now can also request an offline lease from an enterprise license installed in NeoLoad Web.

Other enhancements

  • Some default settings when creating an element can now be overridden and shared, for example, the error handling policy for a VU path or the stop policy of a population at runtime. See the ‘Advanced’ section of the general settings.
  • The NeoLoad Web’ tests page displays new columns: ‘‘updated by,’ ‘last modified,’ ‘last run’’
  • NeoLoad Web’s graph legend now includes the test name
  • New NeoLoad Web resources API to access the list of reservations and the list and the content of zones
  • The bundled controller Java VM is now an OpenJDK which has an impact on how to install NeoLoad in a headless Linux environment
  • The default ‘Change Policy’ setting for new list, file, and SQL variables has been changed from “For each Virtual User instance” to “Each Iteration”
  • Browser profiles picker has been updated with the latest browsers
  • You now can sort test results returned by Neoload Web API
  • Neoload Web now officially supports MongoDB 3.6.

Note about installation

When installing NeoLoad with the command line in a headless environment, NeoLoad 7.2 has new requirements.


Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: Jan. 30, 2020