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Lessons Learned From Agile Testing

Within the past ten years agile testing methodology has come of age. With the advent of mobile and cloud computing, where every consumer has a powerful computer in their back pocket, the demand for new software, updates, and innovations has increased considerably.Even a cursory glance over the history of IT reveals that the cycle times have been dramatically reduced – and are continuing to shorten. At the height of this movement are Silicon Valley companies (such as Facebook) that are releasing updates virtually every minute. In the midst of the constant drive for innovation however, one factor remains key: the quality of the product must not suffer.

We are, after all, in the age of the customer. The more a company’s software updates affect their customers, the more the word “agile” becomes a testing buzzword. Statistics show that the more an enterprise delves in innovation (such as social media companies), the more the enterprise relies on agile testing.

The past ten years have shown a staggering 40% enterprise jump from the traditional waterfall testing method to agile testing. For most enterprises however, this transition is not an easy one to make.

In any effective agile unit you will always find a tight governance over the project – a manager who knows exactly what the team is doing and the goal they are trying to achieve. When switching to agile methodology on a project level to an enterprise level, that tight governance must be maintained for enterprise-wide agility to succeed. Additional key factors to success are maintaining transparency and business alignment.

Even with these three key characteristics in place however, questions often loom over an enterprise as they strive to become an “Agile Enterprise”:

·         How do you constantly increase quality in terms of business risk even in turbulent environments?

·         How do you establish a test case portfolio that is easy to maintain and provides maximum reuse with minimum effort?

·         How do you structure test execution with quality measures to create a guaranteed risk free safety net?

In our recent webinar, Lessons Learned from Agile Testing, Tricentis’ Founder and Chief Product Officer, Wolfgang Platz teamed up with the Tosca Optimize Product Manager, Ingo Philipp, to share their practical advice and benchmark best practices learned from conducting agile testing on an enterprise level.

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